Saturday, 15 September 2007

What is going on Inside You . . .

What is going on inside you, who are you really, is there anything to discover beyond your physical existence?

Let's take a look at the Metaphysical: Meta is a word meaning beyond. What is there to discover beyond the physical? There is so much there, beyond the physical body (within the depths of the mind) and not all of it is desirable. In fact there is a layer of ignorance within the mind which is completely undesirable.

From birth right through to this very moment you have been accumulating a subconscious past. This past is what you call yourself, your personality, the person you think of as you. This subconscious layering of past conditioning consists of all your aimless and problematic thinking, your attitudes, beliefs and opinions along with everything that you've become attached to in existence since you were born to this world. It also consists of all your psychological and emotional pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness. It is all there, within you, hidden in your mind and it thinks that IT is You! But is it?

Beneath the thin layer of mind known as the subconscious lies the unconscious. But what do you know of the unconscious, this vast and infinitely deep realm of your Psyche? Most people know very little of it because most of them are caught up in the subconscious . . . and I have to ask, are you any different?

Your reality, or what you really are, is hidden within the unconscious mind. The secret is to find a way to Transcend, Divine Through and Move Beyond the layer of ignorance, which you call yourself, the personality. In so doing you will re-connect with a greater Reality/Integrity than the self/personality.

How can you move beyond the conditioned mind and into the depths of the unconditioned mind? There is only one "Pure" way to do this, to move beyond the surface of yourself, and that requires you to become an observer of your "self" (self being everything you think you are . . but are not!). You have to separate your intelligent state of "Awareness" from your conditioned thinking mind and the only way to do this is by becoming "The Intelligent Observer" of yourself. You have to partake in a great "experiment". You have to take on the role of a scientist and become the observer of yourself. You must sit in self-observation, walk in self-observation and "be" in self-observation 24/7. You have to become the silent witness of all that is happening within your own psyche/mind. There is no other way . . . and sooner or later this is what you must do, if you are to become enlightened, liberated and free from discursive thinking and emotional unhappiness, if you are to move beyond the physical and beyond the conditioned mind.

Most people do not move beyond the conditioned mind. Even those who are involved in prayer and visualization are working within the conditioned thinking of the subconcsious mind. They are calling up the past and inflicting it on the present, and in so doing they are NOT living in a state of present moment awareness. How could they when they are lost in the subconscious conditioned mind (the past in you), and are therefore not living in the freshness and newness of the Unconscious mind, which is the state of intelligent perception.

"I", the still mind and a body in existence; that is the integrated state of being, the enlightened state. The conditioned, subconscious mind, sits "BANG" in-between the the body and "I". "I" am the intelligence that is reading these words now. That is what "I" am, but there is another I getting in the way. The I of the personality, which thinks it is you (or I), but it is not you, not the being you really are, it is an impostor! The "Truth" of this will become clear and real in your experience as you become an observer of the impostor, as you observe it wilfully making you think aimlessly and problematically even when you cry out for it to STOP! But it will not because it has become your master, it controls you and so the divine "I", the intelligence you really are, remains lost underneath this great impostor.

Which are you, are you the thoughts and feelings you observe within your mind or are you the intelligence that is observing those thoughts? Do you "think" that you are both? That's a nice trick, one of many that the thinker in you will perform in an attempt to make you fail in your attempt to break free from its strangle hold on you, but you must not fall for it. You are the observer of your thoughts, feelings and actions, you are the intelligence behind it all, and your task is to see this for yourself with great clarity of perception. The only way to reach a point where you can break free from the conditioned mind, and therefore experience enlightenment, is to be persistent in your self-observation. You must return to your laboratory every day and sit in meditation/self-observation, and then you must take your new found inner peace and stillness into the world with you and remain an observer, day in and day out until . . . you break free of the subconscious mind and enter the pristine clarity of the unconscious.

Beyond the physical there are deeper and ever deeper levels of mind and being. Beyond the conditioned subconscious mind there is the unconditioned reality of the unconscious mind where the Truth of life on earth can be realized. This is where the truth regarding such words as immortal, eternal, spiritual and enlightenment is realised and it is the end of ignorance. It is death to all that is false within you and it is a re-birth of the divine reality and Integrity of your perfect state of BEING.

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