Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Realizations: My Posts on 'Twitter' today . . With Padding!

The Now is what you are.

To be in the now requires having your attention in a state of present moment awareness, there is no greater 'reality-truth-integrity' to be real-i-zed!

Realizations of Truth:
1. I am Now. (I being the reader of these words!)
2. Only Now is real.
3. The Now is already Perfect.
4. The perfection of The Now is the SOLUTION you seek.
5. However . . What you acknowledge as being real and true will in fact unfold & manifest as your reality. You get what you acknowledge . . . yes, You are responsible for your own life!

1. I am Present Moment Awareness, Alert Stillness & the state of Pure & Clear Perception, which is 'The Now', but free of discursive thinking & emotional unhappiness.

2. The NOW is your reality . . . the real 'I'.

The real 'I' is discovered in the stillness of present moment awareness, whilst the 'unreal' I is always thinking, emotionalizing & talking . . .

. . . meanwhile the real 'I' is perfectly still and at peace at your centre of intelligence & love, and when it speaks what it has to say has depth and adds value.

3. This moment when free of discursive thought & emotion, is perfect. It always has been.The imperfection lies in thinking aimlessly/problematically & reacting emotionally.

By the way did you know that real Joy & Love are not emotions but aspects of your very being? What happens when you are no longer emotionally reactive?

What happens is this:
You realize the natural state of being, which is one of Joy & Love, and instead of reacting emotionally into the world you respond from that centre, or ground, of Joy & Love.

4. Because this moment, The NOW, is perfect, it is The SOLUTION to living that everyone is looking for but failing to find.

Why is it so difficult to realize the perfection of the now and experience the solution to living? Well, everyone is conditioned by past experience, and that conditioning is running a program through your mind/psyche. That program is what you believe to be real & true, but it isn't real and true, it is simply a program of past thought and emotion.

When you remove your past conditioning and re-connect with the reality of present moment awareness, The Now, you experience the perfection of being, and that is the solution.

5. If you acknowledge that life is 'dog eat dog' then you will live a dog eat dog life.

If you acknowledge abundance and fulfillment, you will experience abundance and fulfillment in your life.

Life and living in the material world is a mirror, it reflects back to you what you acknowledge . . .

. . . The obvious question I have to ask you is, 'What do you acknowledge as being real & true in your life?'

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Quotes on Spiritual Knowledge (Dwyer,Campbell,Tolle,Teresa,Dalai Lama,Kubler-Ross,Einstein...)

Here are some great quotes and words of 'knowledge' from 'mindhush' . . I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Questions and Answers on this blog!

Tim Robinson asked me several questions on my last posting on this blog site and I thought it might be a good idea to reveal both the questions and the answers right here:

"Hi Doug, I couldn't resist your invitation for a conversation on the topic of self-knowledge.

What do you think of Scientology?

My discoveries in this area have blown me away. It makes me wonder if Barry Long ever heard of L Ron Hubbard, even though he was one of the most popular spiritual /religious leader of the previous century.

Well, after 50 years his words are for the taking: download U-Torrent Software, go to www.piratebay.org and download the complete written works of L Ron Hubbard, millions of words, thousands and thousands of dollars worth, all about life, love, truth, death and god.

Who would have thought, maybe the best things in life are free (courtesy of Anonymous)? What do you think? Where douse one draw the line between freedom of information and copyright law (where it concerns a spiritual teaching)?

Also, why do you think Barry Long's autobiography hasn't been published yet by his successor (whoever, or whatever it is)? Do you think its being delayed for a some sinister reason, or am I just being silly?

At this rate, we probably won't live to see it (I guesstimate 50 years), so we'll have to pass on the intrigue to our children. What do you think about communicating the truth to the next generation?"

30 March 2009 04:55

"Ha, ha . . here we go again Tim . . thanks for commenting and for the questions.

Who hasn't heard of Scientology and Ron Hubbard? Ok, quite a few people I guess, but I'm not one of them.

Way back, in the early days of my spiritual awakening and growth, I explored the works of very many spiritual teachers and teachings. Hubbard was amongst them, I didn't pursue his teaching because it did not 'resonate' within me in the same way that Yoga, Vedanta, Taoism, Krishnamurti and Barry Long (amongst others) DID, at differing stages along 'The way.'

There are many teachers and teachings to explore, eventually one has to find 'The One' that really does 'resonate' with you and stick with it until the moment when you no longer need outside teachers or teachings because you eventually reach a point in the 'self-realization' process where you and the teaching are 'one!'

Tim, did you ever see the film 'The Matrix?' If you did you'll know that the central character is called Neo, yes? And Morpheus tells him he is 'The One', right? Well . . . the film is just entertainment, but just like all 'myth' there are things to be taken from the storyline, I hope you see my point. Actually the name Neo is an anagram of the word 'One' . . perhaps I should call myself 'Eno?' Maybe not! So, what is my point?

The self-realization process leads each of us to the point where 'Oneness' or 'Unity' is realized. So, my point is that 'Tim' is 'The One', not Barry Long or Ron Hubbard or Krishnamurti or . . . .

. . you understand . . ?

What do I think of Scientology? I have no opinion. I do however have a question. Does Scientology awaken the individual Man/woman and then open the consciousness to a point where that individual realizes a deeper 'Reality-Truth-Integrity' than was previously perceived? Does it guide you into the state of 'oneness'? If the answer is yes then Scientology is of great value to mankind. If not then it will still have a value. Every teacher/teaching has a greater or lesser value and every student is attracted to the teacher/teaching they are ready to embrace at any one moment in time.

You ask 'Where does one draw the line between freedom of information and copyright law (where it concerns a spiritual teaching)?'

An interesting question Tim . . and a difficult one to handle where the internet is involved but ultimately it all comes down to the individual and their state of 'integrity', doesn't it? Integrity precedes 'honesty' and without one the other suffers. Perhaps it is true to say that 'We, each of us, get away with what we can' (as Barry Long told us), but the integrated individual, being whole and complete (a state of Unity and Oneness), will act in the world from that state.

The whole Barry Long thing! Again, I really do not have an opinion . .
. . . and I am no longer in touch with what goes on within the Barry Long Foundation. I do promote his books, along with the work of other great teachers and teachings who point people towards a greater 'Reality-Truth-Integrity', but that is where it begins and ends. If there is anything 'sinister' going on then I am totally unaware of it and happy to remain so (written with a smile). I suspect that you are simply taking an interest rather than being 'silly' Tim . . but maybe I should reserve judgment . . not that I'm making one!

Your final question was 'What do you think about communicating the truth to the next generation?'

Each of us has the responsibility to do so. There are always a handful of self-realized men and women on the planet at any one time doing just that, but the final responsibility, in your life, rests with you. In my life it rests with me because in my life 'I am The One' and in the life that you are living you are 'The One.'

Actually Tim, Oneness, Unity, wholeness and completeness of being, which is the 'integrated' state, is all you need. Once realized the questions come to an end and everything else falls into place. The next generation is not really our concern, they'll be taken care of, for sure. You simply have to realize the enlightened state of liberation and freedom from all false conditioning for yourself . . and then pass it on to those who are ready to listen.

Does that answer your questions fairly enough for you Tim? I hope it does, but if clarity is required, well, you know what to do. Thanks for your participation, much appreciated."


30 March 2009 10:09

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Eckhart Tolle Quotes/Pictures to Music

This is the truth of life recorded in quotes from the work of the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. In my experience this is 'Truth.'

If you would like to enter into a conversation concerning self-knowledge, meditation and all aspects of spiritual awakening and growth, then please leave a comment or contact me by email. Many thanks, Doug.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Happiness is . . .

'Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.'

Chuang-tzu (B.C. 350)

Can you be free of unhappiness? What does it take? Most people are striving to find happiness in their work, in their relationships and in acquiring more and more material possessions, but does that really work. Does acquisition of any kind bring the fulfillment of simply being happy, or was Chuang-tzu correct when he said that it is the absence of striving for happiness that brings happiness?

Maybe one can not truly be happy, perhaps one can only be free of 'unhappiness', what do you think, is that a possibility? What actually happens when we remove unhappiness from our psychological system? Have you ever stopped long enough to ask such a question?

In my experience, when I removed the conditioned unhappiness from my psyche/mind, what happened was that I reached a point of equilibrium, harmony and peace of mind, which is the same thing as 'stillness' of mind. In this balanced state of mind I transcended, which simply means that I 'moved beyond' the opposite polarities of happiness and unhappiness, and I started to experience the true 'Joy' of being alive. I no longer experienced mood swings. I was no longer happy one moment and unhappy the next, I was balanced and in harmony with the movement of life, and yet I felt this joyful and loving vibration running through my body and mind. And this is how I live my life, free of conditioned unhappiness. Life is good, difficult sometimes, but essentially very good indeed.

The question you would need to be asking now is 'How do I go about removing this conditioned unhappiness from my psyche/mind?' If you aren't asking that question then you aren't ready to make the next move. If you are asking that question, or you have been for some time, then I'll say this. Begin with 'self-observation. Observe your thinking and emotions. See how often you are unhappy in a single day, and become aware of exactly what it is that is making you feel unhappiness at any one time. Stop blaming other people or external conditions/circumstances in your life for YOUR unhappiness. Take responsibility for it by facing it, YOUR UNHAPPINESS, head on. Keep watching it with your 'Attention', and don't stop observing 'it' regardless of how difficult the process seems to be. Only the valiant will come through the other side of their conditioned unhappiness and discover the enlightening state of freedom from unhappiness. This freedom is the liberation and salvation everyone is looking for . . . it is your reality unfolding as the perfection of being in 'The Eternal Now Moment.'
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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Self or God Realization?

It has been said that 'Self' realization is the same thing as 'God' realization, is that true? Yes, and, No . . let me explain.

The self-realization process begins with self-observation. I observe myself and discover what an almighty mess my 'self' is. I see that my 'self' is always thinking about everything and anything, aimlessly, problematically and with a will of its own. I observe all my 'selfs' attitudes, beliefs and opinions. I observe, and therefore see, that my 'self' is actually 'ignorance.'

In seeing the 'Truth' that my 'self' is ignorance personified, I separate from that ignorance and discover a greater reality, truth and integrity hidden just beyond my 'self'. And that greater Reality-Truth-Integrity is the realization that when I separate from what I am not, but thought I was, I discover what I truly or really am.

What I, the reader of these words, really am is God in disguise as a human being. We all are, but we have to discover the truth of 'self' before we can realize the truth of who we are . . . each of us has to do it in our own time, which is always in the 'eternal Now Moment' where truth, love, beauty and God are realized.

So they are the same thing 'God' and 'self' realization. You simply have to go through the process of moving beyond self in order to experience the greater reality, truth and integrity that is God like within your own being.

God not being without a sense of humour doesn't make this 'realization' process easy but there are ways to gauge ones progress. If you want to know how well you are doing you can begin by observing how often you are psychologically and/or emotionally disturbed in the course of a single day.

The less disturbed you are the closer you are to God-realization . . .

Good Luck! ;-)
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