Thursday, 5 March 2009

Self or God Realization?

It has been said that 'Self' realization is the same thing as 'God' realization, is that true? Yes, and, No . . let me explain.

The self-realization process begins with self-observation. I observe myself and discover what an almighty mess my 'self' is. I see that my 'self' is always thinking about everything and anything, aimlessly, problematically and with a will of its own. I observe all my 'selfs' attitudes, beliefs and opinions. I observe, and therefore see, that my 'self' is actually 'ignorance.'

In seeing the 'Truth' that my 'self' is ignorance personified, I separate from that ignorance and discover a greater reality, truth and integrity hidden just beyond my 'self'. And that greater Reality-Truth-Integrity is the realization that when I separate from what I am not, but thought I was, I discover what I truly or really am.

What I, the reader of these words, really am is God in disguise as a human being. We all are, but we have to discover the truth of 'self' before we can realize the truth of who we are . . . each of us has to do it in our own time, which is always in the 'eternal Now Moment' where truth, love, beauty and God are realized.

So they are the same thing 'God' and 'self' realization. You simply have to go through the process of moving beyond self in order to experience the greater reality, truth and integrity that is God like within your own being.

God not being without a sense of humour doesn't make this 'realization' process easy but there are ways to gauge ones progress. If you want to know how well you are doing you can begin by observing how often you are psychologically and/or emotionally disturbed in the course of a single day.

The less disturbed you are the closer you are to God-realization . . .

Good Luck! ;-)
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