Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Adyashanti - The Enlightened Shoe

Are you following a spiritual path? STOP! Watch this story about the enlightened shoe!


Doug :)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Meditating Into Being

This interview with Derek Thorne is a wonderful way for anyone to come to an understanding of Meditation that unfolds as a state of 'Being'. Derek demonstrates this meditation and leads you into the meditative state . . .

. . . it's just a taster but well worth the effort. Don't miss this opportunity . . .


Doug :-)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

PSTEC is "Freedom from Unwanted Emotion".

 Hello everyone,

Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of your life? Well here is something well worth your time to investigate, it is PSTEC, and as a qualified 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' practitioner I can tell you, having put PSTEC into practice myself, that it is very, VERY effective . . .

 . . . It's 100% Free, Fast, & Powerful. Suited to Self Help or Therapy

Everything you need is free to access from this website.
In a "nutshell", PSTEC is a unique 11 minute audio track which can be played to anyone (including yourself) to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is a very efficient neutraliser of any problem feelings or emotions.

Here is a letter written to the creator of PSTEC, Tim Phizackerley, demonstrating just how effective it can be :

Hi Tim,

I am an English hypnotherapist based in Mallorca Spain. My 24 year old daughter is here on holiday from the UK. She has always had a fear of spiders. I gave her hypnotherapy for this a couple of years ago. We reduced it but didn't manage to eliminate it. On hearing about your new PSTEC, we decided to give it a try. ... She did one round and the results were absolutely amazing. She said there is no way now that she can even conjure up that 'spider horror'. (her words)
Thanks Tim ,you have created a wonderful, life-changing tool.


Lou Ravelle ABH, IMDHA
Mallorca Spain.

Go to this link now and download the info, it is free, find out for yourself just how good this technique really is.

All the best,

Doug :-)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Richard Dawkins cruelly answers audience question

What Dawkins says on this clip is true enough, to a degree . . . but the eternal war between Religion and Science goes on and on, neither knowing the whole truth . . .

It is the conditioned mind that 'hallucinates', and that conditioning can be as a believer of any religion, but also, Paradoxically for Dawkins, you can be conditioned as some one who believes there is no God! You see, atheism is a belief that there is no God, just as there are those who believe there is a God; both are the result of a conditioned mind. Both are delusional because both believe that they are right in their belief and that the opposite position/polarity must therefore be wrong . . . such is the madness of the conditioned mind!

It's also ironic that everyone of us has been conditioned to believe in something; even the agnostic believes . . . they believe that there is nothing to be known of God, just as the atheist believes there is no God. All is belief. ... Read More

Attitude, belief and opinion are aspects of our conditioning . . but is there something within you that is not conditioned? Now, that is an intelligent question worth asking and finding an answer to.

My answer? For what it's worth . . .

The only 'Intelligent' thing you can do is observe your own conditioned mind to see and understand what it is and how it became conditioned to think the way it does in the first place; all else is Madness; the Madness spawned of a conditioned mind that can only operate within the confines of its own conditioning!!!

The secret lies in breaking free of the conditioned mind, which anyone who still believes in anything has obviously not accomplished. But, please, don't tell me that this is just my belief ;-)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle

Enlightenment is not something to achieve, it is something you are, but have not yet realized. In other words enlightenment already resides within you. The entry point is 'Present Moment Awareness'; the Now.

Welcome To Reality . . .

. . . Resistance is futile!

Awakening leads to the unfolding of your true nature . . you'll resist it, but that's OK . . . enlightenment is inevitable once you awaken and begin to open up to the truth of yourself!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Look Here: 1Yogi2Many has landed!

Have you discovered 1Yogi2Many yet? His rather quirky approach to self-discovery will bring a smile to your face and will also guide you towards a deeper reality within, and beyond, yourself.

Make sure that you don't miss his latest blog post on the subject of 'Stress'. He has a wonderful new technique to share with you, I guarantee it works, it will take you only moments to dissolve any lingering stress that you are feeling . . . click here Right NOW!

. . . and I'll see you on the other side ;-) 

Monday, 5 October 2009


'Existence or Consciousness is the only reality. Consciousness plus waking we call waking. Consciousness plus sleep we call sleep. Consciousness plus dream, we call dream. Consciousness is the screen on which all the pictures come and go. The screen is real, the pictures are mere shadows on it.'

Ramana Maharshi

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Teaching of Ramesh S. Balsekar

"To be enlightened is to be able to accept with equanimity anything in life at any moment as God's will."

"Self-realization is the total realization that there is no one to realize (or achieve) anything."

Ramesh S. Balsekar

The understanding happens:
"We cannot not accept what is in the moment."

Thursday, 20 August 2009


An Article From Barry Long.

From the 17-day Master Session 1995, Cabarita Beach, Australia

Now! No more negativity. From this moment on, no more negativity. Let me explain what negativity is. I know you know what negativity is – but you don’t know the subtlety of it. Negativity is any talk or thought about your own incapacity to find the truth. Negativity is any despair in you, ‘I can’t do it. No matter how hard I try I can’t do it.’ Negativity is, ‘I am so dense, I am so unenlightened, I am so this, I am so that.’ That is negativity. And do you know who is speaking? It is the talker – a very dangerous animal. Really, it is not even worthy of being called an animal. It is a subconscious condition of pain and lack of communication that’s inside every one of us, and has been, for a long, long time.

Once, when man and woman really loved, there was no talker. No one ever spoke. There was no need to speak because we communicated in love. And love is not the sentimental love, the missing love, the suffering love, the sorrowful love – that’s not love. We were in love, meaning we were in the golden orb that I speak about in the Making Love tapes – of communication, of love without having to say anything, or be anything, or do anything. We were already there, so you knew precisely what I needed, and if I needed anything from your point of view, then you would provide it for me, or I for you. In that way we communicated through love, for love is the finest communication there is. Love is absence, love is not a presence of anything. Love is the reverse of what the human mind thinks it is.

Now what is absence, really? Absence begins with a lack of self-condemnation because you can’t be absent if you are condemning yourself. You can’t be absent if you are criticising yourself. You can’t be absent if you are despairing of how slow your progress is in the truth. That’s not absence. That’s a presence of the speaker, of the negative one, the one that’s crucifying everybody on earth. No more negative talk about yourself, please! No more!

So what is the alternative to this? That I can hold to? The answer is very, very subtle and I am going to try and impart to you this enormous subtlety that is a replacement for this negativity that your mind is going to think or speak. Each of you to be here, loves the truth, although you might not know all the time that you love the truth. For some of you, it’s even translated into that other word ‘God’. In loving the truth, you love God, and in loving God all of you love life, because that’s why you are here, because you love. Now, that is your purity. The talker is always emphasising the negative, but how about acknowledging the purity? Every single one of you has purity. It is obscured by this negative thinker and talker that talks so much rubbish about itself. As soon as it talks about itself, you will find it is not long before it starts to bring despair and despondency and depression.

Stay with the acknowledgment of your purity. How do I do that? Because purity is nothing, you see. It’s your love of truth. Your love of truth is so subtle, so fine, that you can’t talk about it. All you can say is, ‘I love the truth. I’m not sure what the truth is, but I love it.’ You only need to do that, and in that moment of loving the truth or acknowledging your purity – you’re absent. There is a great absence in you because you don’t know what you are loving, you don’t know who’s loving, all you know is, ‘I just love it. I will never give up because I can’t stay away from it. I just love it.’ That’s your purity. That’s the purity of love. That’s the purity of humility. That’s the purity of giving up the speaker, the thinker, the talker, the negative one, who will always be negative. All talk turns to negativity or talk about rubbish, unless I am praising my purity.

Now, do you want to know what purity is again? Because it slips off the mind like water off a duck’s back. You are here because you love something. Something that is inexplicable. Not someone, something that’s sort of nothing. You truly love it and you have never been able to give it up, and no matter what you do, somehow or other, it keeps calling you back, and the only thing that ruins it is the thinker. But you’re not that! You are the love of this extraordinary thing that you cannot name.

Barry Long

Extract from the new CD Acknowledging your Purity

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wisdom of Do Nothing / Adyashanti

This is a mechanism for you to experiment with. Can you become more 'aware' of your true nature as 'awareness'?

In my last blog post we looked at this subject when I asked you to become more aware of your reactivity on a moment to moment basis.

When you let go of your reactivity, when you let go of the egocentric personality, which is simply your conditioned past, you realise the purest state of awareness. But paradoxically the task is not to let go of anything. The task is simply to become more and more 'aware' of your conditioned thinking, talking and behavior. Nothing more is required because as your awareness expands so your thinking, talking and behavior becomes purified . . . and it does so effortlessly.

I'll post another mechanism soon,

Doug :-)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Paradoxical Illusions

Often times things go wrong in our lives don’t they? You do agree with me here, right? Or is everything in your life just hunky-dory? Not that I have the faintest notion what that means, I mean, ‘hunky-dory?’ . . . oh, right . . . ‘about as well as one could wish or expect; satisfactory; fine; OK.’

So is it? Is your life about as well as one could wish for or expect . . . or could things be better? Things can always be better, yes, or maybe not? Don’t let me put words in your mouth, you decide, it’s your life after all.

If only we, each of us, were able to simply be, in this moment, and therefore be free of the need for things to always be better than they are. If only we didn’t need to project ourselves into the next moment; if only we could simply accept this moment, the now, as it is. If only there were a mechanism, a technique maybe, which we could employ, so we could simply enjoy that which is, instead of hankering after what we want to change in our lives, hmm. Not that change is a bad thing, far from it; change is the only constant in life! The good news is that change happens naturally anyway, so why bother? Indeed . . . let’s find out why we should bother, or not . . .

Actually what I said isn’t strictly true . . . what I should say is:

The only constant in life is this moment, the now, but the very nature of the now is change.

Everything is changing every moment, which is always now. Look, don’t allow yourself to become confused by this, do your best to read this post with a still and an open mind. I’ll be giving you a mechanism for that, look out for it!

Of course some of my recent posts on here pointed you towards the work of Eckhart Tolle, an enlightened man who, in his interview attempted to give you just such a mechanism to overcome your conditioned mind . . . yes? You did get that much out of the interview, right? Well I certainly would say that - that would be the least anyone would get out of such an interview . . . but still . . .

. . . where was I, oh yes . . . things that go wrong in our lives, um . . .

What happens when things go wrong in your life? Do you react emotionally to a seemingly unfortunate event, any event that conflicts with what you want to be happening in your life . . . or are you calm, relaxed and at ease about it? Did you notice the word ‘react’ in there? Most people do that don’t they; they ‘react’ to events that are contrary to their particular desires, their wants and their ‘likes’, do you see this . . . in your life?

The average person will always react emotionally to anything that happens to them, especially if it doesn’t agree with their strongest desires . . . with what they would like to have happen; with what they have become attached to as theirs, be it psychological, emotional or physical attachment. And that is the cause of all their problems . . .

Little do they know it, but yes, their own reactivity is the cause of all their problems. Put another way, all your problems are caused by your own reactivity to events and circumstances in your life. Yes, you are causal. Holy shit, that means that you are actually responsible for your life and for every event and circumstance unfolding in your life right now! Who’d have thought it . . . ?

Again I have to ask you, you did notice the repetitive use of the word react in the last three paragraphs . . . that’s a yes then? I thought so. Now don’t over react to this, there is a very good reason for me being so repetitive! I’m not just attempting to get you to react here, although that wouldn’t be such a bad thing either, because at least you would then have an opportunity to see your own ignorance in action, wouldn’t you . . . ? What, you don’t think that it’s an act of ignorance to react emotionally to the unfortunate events that occur in your everyday life? Maybe you’re right, maybe not. We had better find out hadn’t we?

If you don’t react emotionally to unfortunate events and circumstances in your life, that is to say you don’t react with unhappiness, well, what is the alternative? The alternative is to see the event as a singular happening; as a singular event in the moment (The Now, as Eckhart would call it), and to respond from your most natural state of being; which is calm, relaxed and at ease. You don’t have to like what has happened in the moment but the secret is not to react to it, and you do this by seeing the event as having no ‘hold’ over you. It is simply an event, a happening in this moment; let it simply be that . . . let it . . . be . . .

Look at each event, yes every event in every moment, without judgment. If you don’t judge an event (the moment) as being good or bad for you, then you can’t react emotionally to it. Just see the event, hold the moment, and don’t move mentally or emotionally.

So yes, there is an alternative, not an easy one, I’ll give you that, but still . . .

The alternative is to respond from being rather than to react emotionally.

Responding, rather than reacting, is not always as easy as it may at first appear to be. Sure it’s easy for me to write about it here, and for you to enjoy the read (or not as the case may be), but in real life things go wrong and that is when one is tested; in everyday life . . . when the shit is hitting the fan!

At first you may fail often in your attempts to ‘respond from your very being’, rather than reacting from your conditioned ignorance. That’s OK; it was always going to happen anyway. You were always going to continue reacting emotionally. But why were you always going to continue reacting emotionally? That’s an intelligent question . . .

It was always going to be a case of failure first, and success second, because you have been conditioned in that way. You’ve been conditioned to learn through a process of failure that eventually leads to success. Like learning to walk, or ride a bike, at first you fail, you fall a few times, perhaps you experience pain and tears, but you get back up and try again and again until you succeed. You see the truth of this don’t you?

So yes, you’ll catch yourself reacting emotionally, and often, the more often the better. Don’t be disheartened, it isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. Why is it a good thing? It’s a good thing to catch yourself reacting emotionally often because that is how you become completely aware of your own conditioned ignorance; little by little, and that’s just great. Eventually you’ll move beyond all concepts of it being either good or bad to react and simply see the fact. What is the fact? The fact is that you are not the emotional reactions that you are observing in action within yourself, that’s a fact. You are the observing intelligence doing the observing, that’s an observable fact. If you disagree with me here, well there’s one definite way to find out if I’m writing truth here isn’t there? Yes, take the test, start observing your own emotive reactions and see what occurs.

It’s now time to change gear. Let’s chat about the title to this blog post, why: ‘Paradoxical Illusions’? Well a paradox, as you are probably aware, is a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. So, there’s a possible truth hidden away in here, no matter how absurd or contradictory it may appear to be to your rational mind. So don’t go discarding the possibilities too soon, find out for yourself by practicing self-observation in the way I’ve indicated in this post and in other posts on this self-knowledge blog; be certain, rather than opinionated!

Illusions, why illusions though? Well, there are three variables I wanted to mention here. There is that word reality that gets bandied around aplenty, and then there is the word illusion, which again can often be used; you know; life is an illusion, right? But there is a third one, a word that is little used but is of great importance here: Actuality.

All three words, all three variables, are important in discovering who you are; this is self-knowledge, yes? There is great diversity in self-knowledge and within all variables, apparently. So, in an attempt at helping you to understand where all your emotional reactivity comes from I simply need to cover this ground . . .

What most people normally call reality, isn’t reality at all, it is their actuality. Most people, I’d say around 99% of the population, have no idea what their reality is, even if they think they do. Let’s face it, the majority of people are not willing to do the work required to realize the truth regarding their reality in existence . . . and they confuse their actuality with their reality.

Whether you agree or disagree with that statement is of no importance right now. What is of importance is that you hear me out rather than react to what I’m saying here . . . ahem, gotcha!

So, now we need to look at the actuality-illusion-reality triad, and see how it relates to our reactivity and/or responsiveness here in existence. Blimey this is a long post. I wonder if I’ll ever finish it. Here goes . . . stay strong now; you may have to read this post several times over to have a break through.

Reality is what you are, what I call the real ‘I’ that you can see written, and hidden, within the word real-i-ty, ok. You can see the words real and I in there, yes? As an add-on I would just like to say that self-realization is the direct experience of the real ‘I’, which again is hidden within the term self-real-i-zation itself. To have the direct experience of the real ‘I’ is to be real. The very meaning (origins) of the word religion is the reconnection of man with his reality; the real ‘I’.

What you really are, the real ‘I’, has degenerated into, or manifested as, physical form. In doing so it has created an illusion, not the illusion of physical existence, NO, that is actually happening, but the illusion that you are something other than what you really are!

You, the real ‘I’ have entered existence in physical form and you are having the direct experience of life and living. You, the real ‘I’ are experiencing actuality. You are actually here in existence; you have entered the actuality that is external life, and here you are reading this.

So, the real ‘I’ (your reality) has actually created the actuality that is existence.
In-between you, the real ‘I’, and actuality lies the illusion of you being something that you are not . . .

. . . but how has this happened? Well, in your time on earth you have gathered a past, which is time, here in existence. In the time you’ve been here, actually experiencing life and living, you have gathered a personality and this personality or self is the illusion. It is an illusion because you think that it is the real you, but it is not you, it is simply what you call yourself, which is a gathering of past experiences, attitudes to life, beliefs and opinions garnered over time; the time that you have lived.

Your personality, the person that you have become in time, is the illusion. And it is a totally convincing illusion at that, one that is very hard to deny or break free from. But break free you must, it is winner take all . . . a battle to the bitter end, the war to end all wars; illusion versus reality.

So, to recap and clarify, speaking as ‘I’ the reader of these words;

• The real ‘I’ is who I really am, my reality.
• ‘I’ have entered existence in and as physical form. This life I am experiencing is my actuality. I am actually experiencing this life!
• In-between the real ‘I’ and my experience here in actuality there sits an illusion. It is the illusion that I am the personality, what I call myself, which is only a gathering of past conditioning and ignorance.
• If ‘I’ move beyond (transcend or divine through) my conditioned personality, ‘I’ bring that very reality with me into existence.
• That reality is already perfect and therefore non-problematic . . .

. . . Heaven comes to earth, I experience Nirvana . . . the end of suffering . . . bliss . . .

Of course all of this could be so much bullshit couldn’t it, right? Yes it could, that is why you can’t believe a word of it, you have to find out if it is true or not true, no middle ground. And the only way to discover whether it is true or not is to take action, which is the act of doing something, yes? How else have you ever learnt anything in your life, if not through doing what needs to be done? This subject is not theoretical, no; it is practical, which means it is a D.I.Y. course in life itself. There is no other way.

Now, to begin the process of helping you see this truth for yourself I will, in my next post, give you mechanisms; mechanisms that will create a shift in your perception if you embrace them by putting them into practice. They are simple techniques that I have discovered to have worked in my own experience and they are as old as the hills. But it may not be such a good idea to put them into practice if you are not willing to go to war with yourself . . .

. . .by the way, did you spot the mechanism?

Monday, 29 June 2009

Become A Master Of Time

his is an introduction to the 'Barefoot Doctor'. He is a westernized Taoist, a man of the west who has embraced Taoism as a way of life, and his work, in my own experience is practical. His teaching is also accessible, applicable and sustainable (that was for you Tim).

This particular short article is about becoming a master of time, it's just a taster and well worth a read. His most recent book; PURE, is an exceptional pointer towards a greater reality-truth-integrity . . . and I highly recommend that you get hold of a copy.

Use this accessible link to an interview with him right now if you want to hear just how accessible, he really is!

Here goes . . .

"The higher in altitude you go, the faster your watch goes round. But it’s not just your watch. Time itself, or rather linear time actually moves rel
atively more quickly up in the mountains than it does down on the planes, because the denser the gravitational field, the more slowly all life-processes occur. This is an effect of warped time, as discovered by Einstein. So if I called you from a satellite phone at precisely 14.01 GMT from a high-altitude locale, say up on the 12,000 foot high plateau between the eastern and western spurs of the Andes Mountains, at Lake Titicaca in Bolivia-Peru and you answered standing at sea-level, down in Bournemouth on England’s south coast, for example, our watches would be synchronized even though time and my watch would have been turning more swiftly for me.

Which is why, if you’re keen on attaining longevity, even though you’d probably live longer at higher altitudes, it will feel about the same as living shorter at sea level so don’t rush off to get the Internet sorted in your favorite sacred mountain cave just yet.

But my actual point is, that just like the ancient Taoists always said, linear time is illusory, a mere construct devised by the Tao as an intrinsic part of the grand illusion to prevent the appearance of everything happening at the same time and thus causing the appearance of a rather large and unholy-looking mess, even though everything is really happening at the same time from the Tao’s point of view: your birth, your death, your previous lives, your future lives and everyone else’s – all of it happening here and now.

I’m not a physicist, if anything, I’m a Taoist and a Wayward Taoist at that, so won’t even attempt to furnish you with the appropriate scientific terms for this phenomenon, but I will tell you with quiet Taoist confidence, that if you ever find yourself all but overwhelmed by an implausible slew of tasks to be undertaken in a relatively short period of time, it is perfectly feasible and even advisable to stretch time in order to get everything done with ease.

The technique in Taoist ‘magic’ terms, is to befriend and make use of the decelerating effects of gravity, by first sinking your weight below your navel, then place both palms before you with but a gooseberry’s distance between them and in that space place the said time period (the next hour or two, say) then slowly pull your hands further and further away from each other, thus stretching the time period between them.

Do so with sincerity and belief and you’ll be rather amazed at how time does actually slow down, to permit ample task-achieving ease.

By the same token if you have to do something tedious you’re always at liberty to speed time up by reversing the hand gesture, but this is generally advised against as no matter how tedious a moment may be, it is nonetheless a crucial point in your life, without which there’d be a gap between the previous moment and the next one through which you’d fall straight through, and so must be cherished, appreciated and ideally, not rushed away.

Merry Monday wish: every moment of your life henceforth is such a sweet corker, anything other than full appreciation, cherishing and slow savoring from moment to moment would simply be out of the question."

Love, D

Find yourself today at BarefootDoctorWorld.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Eckhart Tolle: Uncut Interview, Part 3

. . . and here comes part three, bump!

This interview is well worth watching more than once. Every time you listen to it, through the process of repetition, you'll glean more, you'll have more 'aha' moments, and if you put his work into practice in your own life you'll experience a deeper reality.

All the best,

Doug :-)

Eckhart Tolle: Uncut Interview, Part 2

Part Two of the 'Tolle' interview has landed . . .

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Eckhart Tolle: Uncut Interview, Part 1

This message from Eckhart Tolle is the truth in my own 'direct' experience of life. I have had the same experience concerning the realization of 'Present Moment Awareness' or 'Presence' as he has had. I advocate his work to everyone . . .

I would add:

1. I am Now. I (the person reading this now) am Present Moment Awareness, I am the stillness, the pure and clear perception of my 'Naked Attention.'
2. Only Now is Real. Everything I do, I do in this moment. The past is dead and gone, the future has not arrived, neither are as real as this moment.
3. The Now is Perfect. Nothing can be added to make it more perfect and nothing can be subtracted to make it less so.
4. In its perfection lies the Solution everyone is looking for. The solution to life and living lies in the perfection of this moment, where the real 'I' is . . . in The Now.

Anyone wanting to discover 'truth' should watch this interview. I will add parts two and three in due course.

All the best to one and all,


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Unfolding Beauty . . .

"The Music of Ecstasy rides within the river of my Breath,

Pouring its nectar of light through the city of my Heart"

Carolina Cacicedo

These wonderful words were written by Carolina Cacicedo and inspired by the work of Maharaji Prem Rawat, a great Spiritual Master and teacher available to you on Earth, here, NOW, today.

Here is a link to his official site, which is very beautiful indeed and well worth your investigation.


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Monday, 18 May 2009

Kabir, The Mystic Poet.

'Slowly slowly O mind, everything in own pace happens
Gardner may water a hundred buckets, fruit arrives only in its season.'

'Nature never works in haste. Picking up from this eternal law of Mother  Nature, Kabir brings forward the state of our daily hurried lives. We are always in a rush to achieve, acquire and be victorious.  It is like a mad race. This brings us under pressure causing ill-health, fatigue and frustration.  More than that it breeds ill-discipline. We get forced into a habit pattern whereby we find ourselves either negligent or indulgent.'

Rajender Krishan

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Friday, 15 May 2009

The Truth Within Kabir's Words . .

What truth lies hidden within the words of 'Dohas 16'? What is the message that Kabir is attempting to communicate with his fellow wo/man?

'Alive one sees, alive one knows
Thus crave for salvation when full of life
Alive you did not cut the noose of binding actions
Hoping liberation with death!'

Kabir; Dohas 16.

hile we are alive
we are in a position to achieve what Kabir calls 'salvation' and/or 'liberation', why wait till death, of what value is there in that? At the point of physical death it is too late!

His message is simply that your salvation and liberation are to be realized whilst you are still alive. Tomorrow brings only the death of your opportunity to 'cut the noose of binding actions'.

The time to liberate yourself is always while you are alive, here and now. There is no tomorrow, salvation is not in or for tomorrow, it is for today. It is of the moment. Tell me,
what good is liberation or salvation, when one is dead, unable to recount, unable to narrate and unable to share? Your salvation and liberation are of and for this moment, don't waste it, take action whilst you have the opportunity. Before it passes yet again . . .

. . . into death.

If you are full of life and you crave for salvation now, then you will need to discover how to
cut the noose of binding actions. What does this mean, how does one cut this noose, where to begin?

Begin with self-observation. Observe your behavior and actions on a moment to moment basis. While conducting your actions, you should be diligent. You should not get attached or enslaved by them and thereby get trapped in the quagmire of ego, greed, hatred, fear, procrastination, etc. Only when you are non-attached to the fruits of the action, only then can you be free from the bondage, only then can you be liberated while full of life.

The Noose Is Cut

Whispering death, beckoning,
Calling my name.

Liberation, likewise,

Sweet, silent pull, is but the same.

No escape
I'll pass away,

Perhaps another day.

Or letting go,
Of all I'm not

Salvation realized,
The noose is cut.

Now, when death calls

I'll be free,
For 'I' am already in


Doug McMillan

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Kabir, The Mystic Poet

'Worry is the bandit that eats into one's heart

What the doctor can do, what remedy to impart?'

Kabir; Dohas 18.

Discontentment causes worry and worry itself becomes the cause that creates chaos in the mind.  All peace is lost and the more one entertains the worry, the more armored 'she' becomes to destroy the very vitality of a man.  There is no doctor and no remedy for this cause.  This is so true and can be observed by anyone in one's own affairs.

Rajender Krishan

Kabir, The Mystic Poet.
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Kabir, The Mystic Poet.

'Alive one sees, alive one knows
Thus crave for salvation when full of life
Alive you did not cut the noose of binding actions
Hoping liberation with death!'

Kabir; Dohas 16.

'Six hundred years ago Kabir was born in India in 1398 AD. He lived for 120 years and is said to have relinquished his body in 1518. This period is also said to be the beginning of Bhakti Movement in India.

A weaver by profession, Kabir ranks among the world's greatest poets. Back home in India, he is perhaps the most quoted author. The Holy Guru Granth Sahib contains over 500 verses by Kabir. The Sikh community in particular and others who follow the Holy Granth, hold Kabir in the same reverence as the other ten Gurus.

Kabir openly criticized all sects and gave a new direction to the Indian philosophy. This is due to his straight forward approach that has a universal appeal. It is for this reason that Kabir is held in high esteem all over the world. To call Kabir a universal Guru is not an over exaggeration. To me personally, the very name Kabir means Guru's Grace.'

Rajender Krishan
New York. September 1999
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What Is The Meaning of . . .

Enlightenment, Liberation, Freedom & Salvation.

 What exactly is the meaning of the word enlightenment, is it the same as liberation or freedom, do you need to be saved and if so are you aware of anything you may need saving from? 

The Natural State of Life on Earth is the Enlightened State of Being. The most important thing to grasp at this moment is the meaning of the word enlightenment. In the enlightened state ‘I’ (the reader) am Free from the Normal but False Condition of Living in the World. This is a very Liberating experience because in this state ‘I’ am no longer carrying around the baggage of past conditioning consisting of:

·          Aimless, willful and problematic thinking.

·          The accumulated & hardened layers of thought such as your attitudes, beliefs and opinions

·         All psychological and emotional feelings of pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness.

To be ENLIGHTENED means to be Free from all conditioning. If you go for a walk with a heavy rucksack on your back and after several hours you get the opportunity to remove it the chances are that you’ll find it a very enlightening and liberating experience. It is the removal of a burden.

Your conditioning is a very heavy load that you are lugging around with you throughout your lifetime and only when you do the necessary work to remove it will you be free from its effects.

The En-light-ened State is also akin to turning on a “light.” Most people are stumbling around in the dark, unable to clearly perceive the purpose of life and their place in existence.

If you walk into a room at night and need to find an item urgently would you stumble around in the darkness or simply flick on the light switch?

I’m asking you to turn on your own Inner Light, the light of “Pure Intellect.” In doing so you’ll never again be controlled by the normal condition of living in the world, unlike the majority of the earth’s population, who are.

Before you can experience the enlightened state you will need to become aware of ALL the conditioning within your ‘self’. You do this by becoming an observer of yourself. By “yourself” I mean your thoughts, speech, emotions and actions.

As you observe “yourself,” on a moment to moment basis, you will begin to separate from your false conditioning. The more you observe the false conditioning in action within yourself, the more you will begin to naturally separate from it, until all that is false becomes dissolved through the process. What is actually happening is you, your evolving intelligence, is observing and separating from what is not you, your false condition.    

It is the “light” of “Pure Intellect” shining down onto the ignorant condition that dissolves and dissipates all the false conditioning within you. You just have to be aware of the process.

There is only one FREEDOM and that can only be experienced when you remove The Normal Condition of Living in the World.

Liberation, in the dictionary, means to be free from foreign occupation and that is exactly what I mean when I use the word; to be liberated from the foreign or alien occupation, of your mind and psyche, by a condition that has been imposed upon you. Yes, the condition is an alien thing, meaning something that is not meant to be there. 

Something that should not be there, and that is the normal, but false conditioning, consisting of aimless thinking, beliefs, opinions, attachments, and psychological and emotional misery, has occupied the space of your mind and is pretending to be you! Could that “something” be evil?

Salvation, in Christian terms, is you being saved from evil. I am speaking of the evil of a conditioned mind that is creating unhappiness on earth through individuals who are possessed by that very conditioning: Literally possessed by unhappiness.

The conditioned thinking mind is a d-evil to deal with, an alien thing that has only one way to enter existence and that is through you, your mind, as your conditioning and it creates havoc on the earth through its creation; man’s world.

Man’s World now sits on top of the earth, suffocating it, just as your normal conditioning is suffocating your natural state. The result is an unhappy world full of unhappy people who are all attempting to impose their own unhappy conditioning upon one another.

So, salvation is you, free from the normal condition of living in the world and returning to the original and natural state of life on earth: Eden, heaven on earth . . . or as the Buddhists would say “the end of suffering.”

In the enlightened state, The Natural State of Life on Earth, you regain your mental space by removing the false condition. The inner space of the mind is liberated from an alien occupation and is therefore free to return to its original state of alert stillness, present moment awareness and pure-clear perception. Out of this state arises The Joy of Being, which is bliss, and this state in turn flowers as unconditional, universal Love. This is your Salvation.


Be at peace.

Be aware of the source.

This is the fulfillment of your destiny.

Know that which never changes.

This is Enlightenment.

                                                 Lao Tzu

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rapier Self-Knowledge

  • Your Attitudes-Beliefs-Opinions are simply hardened layers of thought. Have you ever considered what would happen to you if you were free of them?
  • If You STOP, and look at your attitudes-beliefs-opinions for long enough, you'll discover the truth concerning them; they are not you!
  • Attitudes-beliefs-opinions are all enormous weeds of the mind that suffocate the beautiful flower that is your naked attention, in this moment, The Now!
  • Your naked attention is much more real than your attitudes-beliefs-opinions; you have simply forgotten that fact. It's time to do some weeding.
  • You are the observer of all your attitudes-beliefs-opinions. Observe them with your naked attention & watch these WEEDS of the mind wilt & die.
  • When you remove the weeds from the garden, what remains? The flowers & plants, beauty, right? When you remove the weeds of the mind, what remains? You know the answer.
  • To 'be' in this moment, free of the last moment that is gone, & free of the next moment, which hasn’t arrived, is the most liberating experience, but it requires copious amounts of weeding on a regular basis.        
  • The most manifest sign of ‘Present Moment Awareness’ is continued cheerfulness.
 . . . and so, the so called enlightened are found to be cheerful individuals, why is that?
It is because they are free from the unhappiness of emotional reactivity and problematic living.

All the best for now,

Doug ;-))
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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Have You Discovered 'The Way In' Yet?

A Book Review

Way in: A Book of Self-discovery - Plain Statements of Essential Truth

The Way In: A Book of Self-discovery - Plain Statements of Essential Truth
By Barry Long

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
An inspiring and challenging guide to self-discovery

An inspiring and challenging guide to self-discovery from an acknowledged spiritual master.

The truth of life is discovered within ourselves, but how to find the way in? In ninety-nine concise chapters Barry Long guides us through the undiscovered country of ourselves. It takes a spiritual master to show the way. It's a rare to meet a master in the flesh. Here is a book that puts the master before us. His voice on the page addresses every reader directly. He challenges or entices us to recognise the truth or the spirit in our own experience. As we read and re-read the book we actively participate in our own self-discovery and begin to realise the part we play in the mystery of life.

READER'S COMMENT: "This is an all-in-one book that ingeniously presents the big picture but also acts as a primer for self-discovery. It shows us our place in the grand scheme of things and what we have to do to make the inexplicable mysteries of life more real in our own experience. It has certainly taught me to see life in a new way."

Barry Long gives us various ways to the Way - the ways of truth, love, stillness, and prayer - and then charts the blind alleys and false trails of the spiritual path. He invites us to look for the truth in our own direct experience of life and not in hand-me-down systems of belief. There is advice on how to meditate, how to pray, what to look for in relationships and how to discriminate between true and false teachings. There is instructive comment on other spiritual traditions, psychic practices and the 'New Age'. Towards the end of the book Barry Long focuses on the goal of all spiritual self-discovery - freedom from suffering and conscious participation in the purpose of life on earth. Readers will learn to recognise which are the reliable signposts on the spiritual path as Barry Long guides us finally to The Way Out, where the ultimate or highest truth is found.

CONTENTS: The Way of Truth, The Way of Stillness, The Way of Love, The Way of Prayer, The Path and The Way, The Way Now, The Way I Am, The Way Out.

The book deals with questions such as: What is truth? What is the spirit? Does God exist? What is the spiritual value of sexual love? Why should we meditate? How can we stop our minds from getting in on the act? How can I stop worrying? Why am I distant from the one I love? How can I bring the love back? Should we pray? What for? What distinguishes psychic teachings from spiritual ones? Where do channeled teachings come from? Can therapy really help? Is visualisation a help or a hindrance? What's the difference between Eastern and Western teachings? What can a Western Master add? What's the essential legacy of Jesus and the Buddha? Does the 'New Age' have any real meaning? Is enlightenment just an abstract concept? What can I do about it?

It also includes the contents of Barry Long's popular audio cassette 'Start

Meditating Now' and puts its spiritual exercises into print for the first time.

MAGAZINE REVIEW : "This simple to read, yet spiritually advanced book offers immense insight into the truth within us. . . . Chapter by chapter, page by page, word by word we are taken into the uncharted depths of spiritual being. . . .Any person who reads this book will come to see that Masters do exist among us." - Golden Age, Australia.


Barry Long's response to the perennial questions of life and death is original, compelling and up-to-the-minute. Over many years as a spiritual teacher in Europe and Australia he has confronted his audiences with 'The Simple Truth' and shunned traditional and intellectual paths to God. Now we have a collection of his writings that gives a thorough overview of his way in to the mysteries of the spirit. 'The Way In' is essentially a practical manual for spiritual life in the contemporary world, written in short and pithy chapters. It has much to say about meditation, prayer and the many means of bringing truthfulness and love into daily life. Barry Long's world is the one we live in and share everyday with our husbands, wives, lovers, children and colleagues. So it's easy to relate to what he says, even though the truth of it may not always be comfortable. The underlying message is the one at the heart of all Barry Long's work - the proposition that we cannot truly trust or believe in anything outside our individual and immediate experience of life now. Least of all can we believe in a 'teaching'. By continually inviting his readers to test the truth of what he says in their own experience, Barry Long actually teaches us to discover the truth for ourselves. As with all true teachers, his primary concern is to disabuse us of what hinders or impedes our own self-discovery. For Barry Long this is not just the incessant chatter in our heads, but every false, ignorant or less than fully-conscious act. And this includes any teaching that is itself less than the highest truth. A large part of the book is a systematic reappraisal of 'spiritual paths', both traditional and New Age. The central message of the book becomes clear towards the end. What we are really being shown is the way out of the labyrinth of 'spirituality' to a true and free state of being. Those well-read in spiritual literature may find this new book both refreshing and unsettling, instructive and inspiring,. It is well worth accepting Barry Long's implied challenge that there is always more to discover about ourselves. And newcomers to this field could hardly come across a more stimulating 'way in'.

I highly recommend this outstanding book to all of you who are looking to discover a greater 'Truth-Reality-Integrity' than you are presently experiencing. You can take a deeper look at, and obtain a copy of, this book at THIS LINK.

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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Realizations: My Posts on 'Twitter' today . . With Padding!

The Now is what you are.

To be in the now requires having your attention in a state of present moment awareness, there is no greater 'reality-truth-integrity' to be real-i-zed!

Realizations of Truth:
1. I am Now. (I being the reader of these words!)
2. Only Now is real.
3. The Now is already Perfect.
4. The perfection of The Now is the SOLUTION you seek.
5. However . . What you acknowledge as being real and true will in fact unfold & manifest as your reality. You get what you acknowledge . . . yes, You are responsible for your own life!

1. I am Present Moment Awareness, Alert Stillness & the state of Pure & Clear Perception, which is 'The Now', but free of discursive thinking & emotional unhappiness.

2. The NOW is your reality . . . the real 'I'.

The real 'I' is discovered in the stillness of present moment awareness, whilst the 'unreal' I is always thinking, emotionalizing & talking . . .

. . . meanwhile the real 'I' is perfectly still and at peace at your centre of intelligence & love, and when it speaks what it has to say has depth and adds value.

3. This moment when free of discursive thought & emotion, is perfect. It always has been.The imperfection lies in thinking aimlessly/problematically & reacting emotionally.

By the way did you know that real Joy & Love are not emotions but aspects of your very being? What happens when you are no longer emotionally reactive?

What happens is this:
You realize the natural state of being, which is one of Joy & Love, and instead of reacting emotionally into the world you respond from that centre, or ground, of Joy & Love.

4. Because this moment, The NOW, is perfect, it is The SOLUTION to living that everyone is looking for but failing to find.

Why is it so difficult to realize the perfection of the now and experience the solution to living? Well, everyone is conditioned by past experience, and that conditioning is running a program through your mind/psyche. That program is what you believe to be real & true, but it isn't real and true, it is simply a program of past thought and emotion.

When you remove your past conditioning and re-connect with the reality of present moment awareness, The Now, you experience the perfection of being, and that is the solution.

5. If you acknowledge that life is 'dog eat dog' then you will live a dog eat dog life.

If you acknowledge abundance and fulfillment, you will experience abundance and fulfillment in your life.

Life and living in the material world is a mirror, it reflects back to you what you acknowledge . . .

. . . The obvious question I have to ask you is, 'What do you acknowledge as being real & true in your life?'

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Quotes on Spiritual Knowledge (Dwyer,Campbell,Tolle,Teresa,Dalai Lama,Kubler-Ross,Einstein...)

Here are some great quotes and words of 'knowledge' from 'mindhush' . . I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Questions and Answers on this blog!

Tim Robinson asked me several questions on my last posting on this blog site and I thought it might be a good idea to reveal both the questions and the answers right here:

"Hi Doug, I couldn't resist your invitation for a conversation on the topic of self-knowledge.

What do you think of Scientology?

My discoveries in this area have blown me away. It makes me wonder if Barry Long ever heard of L Ron Hubbard, even though he was one of the most popular spiritual /religious leader of the previous century.

Well, after 50 years his words are for the taking: download U-Torrent Software, go to www.piratebay.org and download the complete written works of L Ron Hubbard, millions of words, thousands and thousands of dollars worth, all about life, love, truth, death and god.

Who would have thought, maybe the best things in life are free (courtesy of Anonymous)? What do you think? Where douse one draw the line between freedom of information and copyright law (where it concerns a spiritual teaching)?

Also, why do you think Barry Long's autobiography hasn't been published yet by his successor (whoever, or whatever it is)? Do you think its being delayed for a some sinister reason, or am I just being silly?

At this rate, we probably won't live to see it (I guesstimate 50 years), so we'll have to pass on the intrigue to our children. What do you think about communicating the truth to the next generation?"

30 March 2009 04:55

"Ha, ha . . here we go again Tim . . thanks for commenting and for the questions.

Who hasn't heard of Scientology and Ron Hubbard? Ok, quite a few people I guess, but I'm not one of them.

Way back, in the early days of my spiritual awakening and growth, I explored the works of very many spiritual teachers and teachings. Hubbard was amongst them, I didn't pursue his teaching because it did not 'resonate' within me in the same way that Yoga, Vedanta, Taoism, Krishnamurti and Barry Long (amongst others) DID, at differing stages along 'The way.'

There are many teachers and teachings to explore, eventually one has to find 'The One' that really does 'resonate' with you and stick with it until the moment when you no longer need outside teachers or teachings because you eventually reach a point in the 'self-realization' process where you and the teaching are 'one!'

Tim, did you ever see the film 'The Matrix?' If you did you'll know that the central character is called Neo, yes? And Morpheus tells him he is 'The One', right? Well . . . the film is just entertainment, but just like all 'myth' there are things to be taken from the storyline, I hope you see my point. Actually the name Neo is an anagram of the word 'One' . . perhaps I should call myself 'Eno?' Maybe not! So, what is my point?

The self-realization process leads each of us to the point where 'Oneness' or 'Unity' is realized. So, my point is that 'Tim' is 'The One', not Barry Long or Ron Hubbard or Krishnamurti or . . . .

. . you understand . . ?

What do I think of Scientology? I have no opinion. I do however have a question. Does Scientology awaken the individual Man/woman and then open the consciousness to a point where that individual realizes a deeper 'Reality-Truth-Integrity' than was previously perceived? Does it guide you into the state of 'oneness'? If the answer is yes then Scientology is of great value to mankind. If not then it will still have a value. Every teacher/teaching has a greater or lesser value and every student is attracted to the teacher/teaching they are ready to embrace at any one moment in time.

You ask 'Where does one draw the line between freedom of information and copyright law (where it concerns a spiritual teaching)?'

An interesting question Tim . . and a difficult one to handle where the internet is involved but ultimately it all comes down to the individual and their state of 'integrity', doesn't it? Integrity precedes 'honesty' and without one the other suffers. Perhaps it is true to say that 'We, each of us, get away with what we can' (as Barry Long told us), but the integrated individual, being whole and complete (a state of Unity and Oneness), will act in the world from that state.

The whole Barry Long thing! Again, I really do not have an opinion . .
. . . and I am no longer in touch with what goes on within the Barry Long Foundation. I do promote his books, along with the work of other great teachers and teachings who point people towards a greater 'Reality-Truth-Integrity', but that is where it begins and ends. If there is anything 'sinister' going on then I am totally unaware of it and happy to remain so (written with a smile). I suspect that you are simply taking an interest rather than being 'silly' Tim . . but maybe I should reserve judgment . . not that I'm making one!

Your final question was 'What do you think about communicating the truth to the next generation?'

Each of us has the responsibility to do so. There are always a handful of self-realized men and women on the planet at any one time doing just that, but the final responsibility, in your life, rests with you. In my life it rests with me because in my life 'I am The One' and in the life that you are living you are 'The One.'

Actually Tim, Oneness, Unity, wholeness and completeness of being, which is the 'integrated' state, is all you need. Once realized the questions come to an end and everything else falls into place. The next generation is not really our concern, they'll be taken care of, for sure. You simply have to realize the enlightened state of liberation and freedom from all false conditioning for yourself . . and then pass it on to those who are ready to listen.

Does that answer your questions fairly enough for you Tim? I hope it does, but if clarity is required, well, you know what to do. Thanks for your participation, much appreciated."


30 March 2009 10:09

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Eckhart Tolle Quotes/Pictures to Music

This is the truth of life recorded in quotes from the work of the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. In my experience this is 'Truth.'

If you would like to enter into a conversation concerning self-knowledge, meditation and all aspects of spiritual awakening and growth, then please leave a comment or contact me by email. Many thanks, Doug.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Happiness is . . .

'Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness.'

Chuang-tzu (B.C. 350)

Can you be free of unhappiness? What does it take? Most people are striving to find happiness in their work, in their relationships and in acquiring more and more material possessions, but does that really work. Does acquisition of any kind bring the fulfillment of simply being happy, or was Chuang-tzu correct when he said that it is the absence of striving for happiness that brings happiness?

Maybe one can not truly be happy, perhaps one can only be free of 'unhappiness', what do you think, is that a possibility? What actually happens when we remove unhappiness from our psychological system? Have you ever stopped long enough to ask such a question?

In my experience, when I removed the conditioned unhappiness from my psyche/mind, what happened was that I reached a point of equilibrium, harmony and peace of mind, which is the same thing as 'stillness' of mind. In this balanced state of mind I transcended, which simply means that I 'moved beyond' the opposite polarities of happiness and unhappiness, and I started to experience the true 'Joy' of being alive. I no longer experienced mood swings. I was no longer happy one moment and unhappy the next, I was balanced and in harmony with the movement of life, and yet I felt this joyful and loving vibration running through my body and mind. And this is how I live my life, free of conditioned unhappiness. Life is good, difficult sometimes, but essentially very good indeed.

The question you would need to be asking now is 'How do I go about removing this conditioned unhappiness from my psyche/mind?' If you aren't asking that question then you aren't ready to make the next move. If you are asking that question, or you have been for some time, then I'll say this. Begin with 'self-observation. Observe your thinking and emotions. See how often you are unhappy in a single day, and become aware of exactly what it is that is making you feel unhappiness at any one time. Stop blaming other people or external conditions/circumstances in your life for YOUR unhappiness. Take responsibility for it by facing it, YOUR UNHAPPINESS, head on. Keep watching it with your 'Attention', and don't stop observing 'it' regardless of how difficult the process seems to be. Only the valiant will come through the other side of their conditioned unhappiness and discover the enlightening state of freedom from unhappiness. This freedom is the liberation and salvation everyone is looking for . . . it is your reality unfolding as the perfection of being in 'The Eternal Now Moment.'
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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Self or God Realization?

It has been said that 'Self' realization is the same thing as 'God' realization, is that true? Yes, and, No . . let me explain.

The self-realization process begins with self-observation. I observe myself and discover what an almighty mess my 'self' is. I see that my 'self' is always thinking about everything and anything, aimlessly, problematically and with a will of its own. I observe all my 'selfs' attitudes, beliefs and opinions. I observe, and therefore see, that my 'self' is actually 'ignorance.'

In seeing the 'Truth' that my 'self' is ignorance personified, I separate from that ignorance and discover a greater reality, truth and integrity hidden just beyond my 'self'. And that greater Reality-Truth-Integrity is the realization that when I separate from what I am not, but thought I was, I discover what I truly or really am.

What I, the reader of these words, really am is God in disguise as a human being. We all are, but we have to discover the truth of 'self' before we can realize the truth of who we are . . . each of us has to do it in our own time, which is always in the 'eternal Now Moment' where truth, love, beauty and God are realized.

So they are the same thing 'God' and 'self' realization. You simply have to go through the process of moving beyond self in order to experience the greater reality, truth and integrity that is God like within your own being.

God not being without a sense of humour doesn't make this 'realization' process easy but there are ways to gauge ones progress. If you want to know how well you are doing you can begin by observing how often you are psychologically and/or emotionally disturbed in the course of a single day.

The less disturbed you are the closer you are to God-realization . . .

Good Luck! ;-)
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Friday, 30 January 2009

Awakening NOW Documentary Film

What is meant by the term 'awakening?' This short film provides you with the answer, and in my own experience the answer has not only been proven to be true but has also been the 'Solution' to life and living that everyone is consciously or unconsciously looking for. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

On the Subject of Meditation . . .

What is Meditation?


Meditation is a state of Intelligent perception beyond the thinking mind.

When the thinking mind is perfectly still a new state of perception is realized where total "attention" to the present moment is experienced and this state of "present moment awareness" contains within it a great secret and power. A secret that the thinking mind is totally unaware of, but this state can only be experienced by the mind that has been stilled. This is because the thinking mind is not fully present, it is lost in thought, therefore the mind that has not realized "stillness" has no experience of it and is not qualified to make comment. That does not prevent it from doing so however, and that is how thought, belief and opinion are born; out of the ignorance of a mind that is not still.

Meditation can also be seen as a series of stepping stones across the "stream of thought" within the mind. Correct meditation will take you by the hand and lead you across the stream of thought to the other side, whereas incorrect meditation will only lead you into confusion, and into a very wet experience! Incorrect meditation uses the thinking mind in an attempt to overcome that very same thinking mind, which is of course an impossible task. Why would the "thinker" want to defeat itself? The thinker in you is the one you have to become aware of and move beyond . . . into the stillness and inner peace that lies just beyond it. The fact is that "thought" can not bring "thought" to a point of stillness and there is a very good reason for this. Let's take a simple example. If you use a single word or phrase to focus your attention on what are you actually doing? You are thinking, yes? You are actually focused on one word or phrase to the exclusion of all others but you are still using the thinking mind in an attempt to still it . . .um, do you see the problem here? It is like feeding the fire while you are fighting the flames. Thought feeds thought and stillness puts the flame of thought out! The point I am making here is that you will need to learn a form of meditation that is based upon you, your natural intelligence, turning in on itself as the observer of thought. And when I speak of thought I also include the emotions that are reactions born of thought. You literally have to "watch" yourself thinking continuously in order that you can take back control of your mind and therefore, as a consequence, your external life.

Why would anyone want to still the thinking mind?

Stillness is a state of "Inner Peace" and inner peace is the end of worry. So, right from the start, we have one good reason . . . a life of freedom from worry. What is worry? Worry is the mind thinking problematically, with a will of its own, without pause. Have you ever spent time in self-observation? By that I mean have you ever spent time observing the way your mind works and watched it in action? The action of the mind is thought. That is the first step across the stream of the thinking mind; Begin with "Self-Observation." Watch yourself thinking and getting emotional and observe your thoughts and emotions as they rise and fall. And do this without judging those thoughts and emotions as being good or bad, right or wrong or even likable or dis-likable.

You will need to spend considerable time observing the way your mind operates and the way thought and emotion are connected. I don't know if you have ever noticed but if you are unhappy it is because your mind is thinking about something and you then begin to become emotional about it.

Meditation, when practiced with true dedication, will remove unhappiness from your life. It is not possible to be unhappy when the mind is perfectly still. Why? Because for the thinking mind to be perfectly still all ignorance and false conditioning have to be dissolved, dissipated and removed from your being. Then you are in a state of total "peace of mind."

But that's not all. When you still your mind you'll also experience what true "joy" is. Some people call it "bliss" and others "love" but the label is not important. What is important is the direct experience of this state of being. Peace, joy, bliss and love are words that describe a state of BEING, they are not emotions, they are what remain when all normal conditioned emotions have been removed from your total system. The most appropriate name for your total system is the general verb "Being."

Would you like to experience a life that is free of all psychological and emotional unhappiness, is that possible? Yes it is possible and not only will you be free from pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness, which is the normal human condition but your life will also change externally. Seemingly from nowhere changes will begin to unfold in your life. The external circumstances of living will begin to improve or change for the better. Why and how does this happen? It happens because at your very center, the center of your being, there is the perfection of the original state. And the original state, being perfect, is attempting to "unfold" as your life . . . the life that you are. This perfect state of being, which is at your center, is perfectly still. It does not move, it doesn't go anywhere or do anything, it does not even think . . . it just is! But in its "isness" there is total perfection. No problems, no unhappiness, no mental or emotional misery and no struggle or trying to be something it's not.

This perfect state may be "thought of" as a blank canvass by the minds of the unenlightened, and there is nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that this "blank canvass" is your own state of pure and clear Intelligence. What the enlightened have realized is that this state of pure and clear intelligence is the real "i" in the word real"i"zation. In other words it is what "I" really am when all past conditioning has been removed from my sub-conscious mind.

Some people call this state heaven, paradise or a garden of Eden but whatever label you give it, there is one fact that every man or woman who fully investigates this subject discovers; "the center is already perfect." It is the natural state of perfect stillness and inner peace at the center of each of us and it is filled with a natural "Joy" that has no opposite polarity, no sorrow, contained within it.

The direct experience of your center, which is the "realization" of who and what you "really" are, automatically and naturally dissolves, dissipates and removes all your conditioned negativity, aimless and problematic thinking (worry) and emotional unhappiness.

The realization of the perfect state brings that very perfection with it into existence; through you, through your life . . . as your life. Not at some future date, not when you experience physical death but now, while you are alive. The time to begin the process of bringing the perfection of paradise to earth is . . . Now. Let us begin!

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