Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wisdom of Do Nothing / Adyashanti

This is a mechanism for you to experiment with. Can you become more 'aware' of your true nature as 'awareness'?

In my last blog post we looked at this subject when I asked you to become more aware of your reactivity on a moment to moment basis.

When you let go of your reactivity, when you let go of the egocentric personality, which is simply your conditioned past, you realise the purest state of awareness. But paradoxically the task is not to let go of anything. The task is simply to become more and more 'aware' of your conditioned thinking, talking and behavior. Nothing more is required because as your awareness expands so your thinking, talking and behavior becomes purified . . . and it does so effortlessly.

I'll post another mechanism soon,

Doug :-)


Tim said...

Hello Doug, I reckon you must be like "F%$K OFF!" with regard to my comments now, as they are becoming much more disagreeable now. I'm sorry about that.

However I felt compelled to share some of my recent discoveries.

The philosophy of NOT-DOING is the philosophy of DO-ING turned upside down. That might seem obvious but compare it to the Chakra system whereby its traditionally recommended to free the bottom-most chakra and work up to the top.

How dangerous is it to put into wrong practice a correct truth? Could this explain why mysticism, having been around for over 6,000, has failed to achieve dominance amongst the world's philosophies (materialism, psychology etc.)?

Mysticism is BOOBY-TRAPPED! There a truths but also many traps and pitfalls, such as the philosophy of NOT-DOING. It sounds great and gets one onto the idea of DOING, but taken literally it can be dangerous, to do nothing can get you into trouble.

Also, the philosophy of letting go of past also sounded great the first time that I heard it. It worked, actually, but only on a gradient scale, I subsequently discovered. It logically follows that holding on the FUTURE is beneficial, despite sentiments to the contrary in mysticism (another booby-trap?).

If I'm swimming at a patrolled beach and I want to keep within the flags to save my life I have to swim UP (north/south depending on
the season) the beach in order to compensate for the current dragging me DOWN. In other words, I have to focus on the FUTURE to stay in the PRESENT and avoid straying into the PAST.

Therefore the philosophy of "NOW" is also booby-trapped. It assigns little value to FUTURE focus and planning. I've read Tolle's works and noted this, he acknowledge its importance but has not much to say about it.

Which brings me to the philosophy of NEGATION. Could this be the ultimate booby-trap in mysticism? Its counter effort is ACTION. Even Barry Long (despite booby-traps uncovered) mentioned taking action as part of his philosophy.

So who are what set booby-traps into the world's oldest tradition of knowledge? I can't imagine it would be one of us, who work so hard to make anything successful.

Could it be the "alien" that "came to earth" as mentioned in "Only Fear Dies" by Barry Long? Only a being with greater intelligence and malicious intent could find motivation set traps in knowledge so many find re-assuring, uplifting and inspiring.

Doug McMillan said...

Hello again Tim,

Sorry it's taken me a while to reply but it is the summer hols here in the UK and I'm away quite a lot right now.

OK, I've written you a reply but of course it's too long to go on here, so maybe I should either use it as my next blog post or simply send it to you by email; what would you prefer, hm?

I'll leave that with you . . .



Tim said...

Email'd be great, thanks (I sent you one).