Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Eckhart Tolle: Uncut Interview, Part 1

This message from Eckhart Tolle is the truth in my own 'direct' experience of life. I have had the same experience concerning the realization of 'Present Moment Awareness' or 'Presence' as he has had. I advocate his work to everyone . . .

I would add:

1. I am Now. I (the person reading this now) am Present Moment Awareness, I am the stillness, the pure and clear perception of my 'Naked Attention.'
2. Only Now is Real. Everything I do, I do in this moment. The past is dead and gone, the future has not arrived, neither are as real as this moment.
3. The Now is Perfect. Nothing can be added to make it more perfect and nothing can be subtracted to make it less so.
4. In its perfection lies the Solution everyone is looking for. The solution to life and living lies in the perfection of this moment, where the real 'I' is . . . in The Now.

Anyone wanting to discover 'truth' should watch this interview. I will add parts two and three in due course.

All the best to one and all,


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