Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Realizations: My Posts on 'Twitter' today . . With Padding!

The Now is what you are.

To be in the now requires having your attention in a state of present moment awareness, there is no greater 'reality-truth-integrity' to be real-i-zed!

Realizations of Truth:
1. I am Now. (I being the reader of these words!)
2. Only Now is real.
3. The Now is already Perfect.
4. The perfection of The Now is the SOLUTION you seek.
5. However . . What you acknowledge as being real and true will in fact unfold & manifest as your reality. You get what you acknowledge . . . yes, You are responsible for your own life!

1. I am Present Moment Awareness, Alert Stillness & the state of Pure & Clear Perception, which is 'The Now', but free of discursive thinking & emotional unhappiness.

2. The NOW is your reality . . . the real 'I'.

The real 'I' is discovered in the stillness of present moment awareness, whilst the 'unreal' I is always thinking, emotionalizing & talking . . .

. . . meanwhile the real 'I' is perfectly still and at peace at your centre of intelligence & love, and when it speaks what it has to say has depth and adds value.

3. This moment when free of discursive thought & emotion, is perfect. It always has been.The imperfection lies in thinking aimlessly/problematically & reacting emotionally.

By the way did you know that real Joy & Love are not emotions but aspects of your very being? What happens when you are no longer emotionally reactive?

What happens is this:
You realize the natural state of being, which is one of Joy & Love, and instead of reacting emotionally into the world you respond from that centre, or ground, of Joy & Love.

4. Because this moment, The NOW, is perfect, it is The SOLUTION to living that everyone is looking for but failing to find.

Why is it so difficult to realize the perfection of the now and experience the solution to living? Well, everyone is conditioned by past experience, and that conditioning is running a program through your mind/psyche. That program is what you believe to be real & true, but it isn't real and true, it is simply a program of past thought and emotion.

When you remove your past conditioning and re-connect with the reality of present moment awareness, The Now, you experience the perfection of being, and that is the solution.

5. If you acknowledge that life is 'dog eat dog' then you will live a dog eat dog life.

If you acknowledge abundance and fulfillment, you will experience abundance and fulfillment in your life.

Life and living in the material world is a mirror, it reflects back to you what you acknowledge . . .

. . . The obvious question I have to ask you is, 'What do you acknowledge as being real & true in your life?'

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