Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rapier Self-Knowledge

  • Your Attitudes-Beliefs-Opinions are simply hardened layers of thought. Have you ever considered what would happen to you if you were free of them?
  • If You STOP, and look at your attitudes-beliefs-opinions for long enough, you'll discover the truth concerning them; they are not you!
  • Attitudes-beliefs-opinions are all enormous weeds of the mind that suffocate the beautiful flower that is your naked attention, in this moment, The Now!
  • Your naked attention is much more real than your attitudes-beliefs-opinions; you have simply forgotten that fact. It's time to do some weeding.
  • You are the observer of all your attitudes-beliefs-opinions. Observe them with your naked attention & watch these WEEDS of the mind wilt & die.
  • When you remove the weeds from the garden, what remains? The flowers & plants, beauty, right? When you remove the weeds of the mind, what remains? You know the answer.
  • To 'be' in this moment, free of the last moment that is gone, & free of the next moment, which hasn’t arrived, is the most liberating experience, but it requires copious amounts of weeding on a regular basis.        
  • The most manifest sign of ‘Present Moment Awareness’ is continued cheerfulness.
 . . . and so, the so called enlightened are found to be cheerful individuals, why is that?
It is because they are free from the unhappiness of emotional reactivity and problematic living.

All the best for now,

Doug ;-))
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