Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What Is The Meaning of . . .

Enlightenment, Liberation, Freedom & Salvation.

 What exactly is the meaning of the word enlightenment, is it the same as liberation or freedom, do you need to be saved and if so are you aware of anything you may need saving from? 

The Natural State of Life on Earth is the Enlightened State of Being. The most important thing to grasp at this moment is the meaning of the word enlightenment. In the enlightened state ‘I’ (the reader) am Free from the Normal but False Condition of Living in the World. This is a very Liberating experience because in this state ‘I’ am no longer carrying around the baggage of past conditioning consisting of:

·          Aimless, willful and problematic thinking.

·          The accumulated & hardened layers of thought such as your attitudes, beliefs and opinions

·         All psychological and emotional feelings of pain, misery, suffering and unhappiness.

To be ENLIGHTENED means to be Free from all conditioning. If you go for a walk with a heavy rucksack on your back and after several hours you get the opportunity to remove it the chances are that you’ll find it a very enlightening and liberating experience. It is the removal of a burden.

Your conditioning is a very heavy load that you are lugging around with you throughout your lifetime and only when you do the necessary work to remove it will you be free from its effects.

The En-light-ened State is also akin to turning on a “light.” Most people are stumbling around in the dark, unable to clearly perceive the purpose of life and their place in existence.

If you walk into a room at night and need to find an item urgently would you stumble around in the darkness or simply flick on the light switch?

I’m asking you to turn on your own Inner Light, the light of “Pure Intellect.” In doing so you’ll never again be controlled by the normal condition of living in the world, unlike the majority of the earth’s population, who are.

Before you can experience the enlightened state you will need to become aware of ALL the conditioning within your ‘self’. You do this by becoming an observer of yourself. By “yourself” I mean your thoughts, speech, emotions and actions.

As you observe “yourself,” on a moment to moment basis, you will begin to separate from your false conditioning. The more you observe the false conditioning in action within yourself, the more you will begin to naturally separate from it, until all that is false becomes dissolved through the process. What is actually happening is you, your evolving intelligence, is observing and separating from what is not you, your false condition.    

It is the “light” of “Pure Intellect” shining down onto the ignorant condition that dissolves and dissipates all the false conditioning within you. You just have to be aware of the process.

There is only one FREEDOM and that can only be experienced when you remove The Normal Condition of Living in the World.

Liberation, in the dictionary, means to be free from foreign occupation and that is exactly what I mean when I use the word; to be liberated from the foreign or alien occupation, of your mind and psyche, by a condition that has been imposed upon you. Yes, the condition is an alien thing, meaning something that is not meant to be there. 

Something that should not be there, and that is the normal, but false conditioning, consisting of aimless thinking, beliefs, opinions, attachments, and psychological and emotional misery, has occupied the space of your mind and is pretending to be you! Could that “something” be evil?

Salvation, in Christian terms, is you being saved from evil. I am speaking of the evil of a conditioned mind that is creating unhappiness on earth through individuals who are possessed by that very conditioning: Literally possessed by unhappiness.

The conditioned thinking mind is a d-evil to deal with, an alien thing that has only one way to enter existence and that is through you, your mind, as your conditioning and it creates havoc on the earth through its creation; man’s world.

Man’s World now sits on top of the earth, suffocating it, just as your normal conditioning is suffocating your natural state. The result is an unhappy world full of unhappy people who are all attempting to impose their own unhappy conditioning upon one another.

So, salvation is you, free from the normal condition of living in the world and returning to the original and natural state of life on earth: Eden, heaven on earth . . . or as the Buddhists would say “the end of suffering.”

In the enlightened state, The Natural State of Life on Earth, you regain your mental space by removing the false condition. The inner space of the mind is liberated from an alien occupation and is therefore free to return to its original state of alert stillness, present moment awareness and pure-clear perception. Out of this state arises The Joy of Being, which is bliss, and this state in turn flowers as unconditional, universal Love. This is your Salvation.


Be at peace.

Be aware of the source.

This is the fulfillment of your destiny.

Know that which never changes.

This is Enlightenment.

                                                 Lao Tzu

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Ta-Wan said...

Be at peace.

Be aware of the source.

This is the fulfillment of your destiny.

Know that which never changes.

This is Enlightenment.

Lau Tzu said that? What a guy!

Doug McMillan said...

. . he sounds somewhat like another Toaist I've come to know! ;-)