Friday, 15 May 2009

The Truth Within Kabir's Words . .

What truth lies hidden within the words of 'Dohas 16'? What is the message that Kabir is attempting to communicate with his fellow wo/man?

'Alive one sees, alive one knows
Thus crave for salvation when full of life
Alive you did not cut the noose of binding actions
Hoping liberation with death!'

Kabir; Dohas 16.

hile we are alive
we are in a position to achieve what Kabir calls 'salvation' and/or 'liberation', why wait till death, of what value is there in that? At the point of physical death it is too late!

His message is simply that your salvation and liberation are to be realized whilst you are still alive. Tomorrow brings only the death of your opportunity to 'cut the noose of binding actions'.

The time to liberate yourself is always while you are alive, here and now. There is no tomorrow, salvation is not in or for tomorrow, it is for today. It is of the moment. Tell me,
what good is liberation or salvation, when one is dead, unable to recount, unable to narrate and unable to share? Your salvation and liberation are of and for this moment, don't waste it, take action whilst you have the opportunity. Before it passes yet again . . .

. . . into death.

If you are full of life and you crave for salvation now, then you will need to discover how to
cut the noose of binding actions. What does this mean, how does one cut this noose, where to begin?

Begin with self-observation. Observe your behavior and actions on a moment to moment basis. While conducting your actions, you should be diligent. You should not get attached or enslaved by them and thereby get trapped in the quagmire of ego, greed, hatred, fear, procrastination, etc. Only when you are non-attached to the fruits of the action, only then can you be free from the bondage, only then can you be liberated while full of life.

The Noose Is Cut

Whispering death, beckoning,
Calling my name.

Liberation, likewise,

Sweet, silent pull, is but the same.

No escape
I'll pass away,

Perhaps another day.

Or letting go,
Of all I'm not

Salvation realized,
The noose is cut.

Now, when death calls

I'll be free,
For 'I' am already in


Doug McMillan

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