Monday, 26 November 2007

From Barry Long

'I reflect to you the God-consciousness in your body.''When a man realises the master consciousness, he realises God. To realise God is to realise the power of the universe, the power behind it all. And then you have realised the Most High, although the realisation of God never ends. It goes on. But it is a consciousness, not an awareness. For awareness is of the senses, of the body. We're aware of the flowers. We're aware of each other. But that's not consciousness. Consciousness is the knowledge of something that is invisible and right and true. It is the same for woman. But she realises, becomes, the consciousness of love. She realises love - and that is God for her.

To realise God or the master consciousness there has to be an absence of self in you, an absence of selfishness. While you don't give and give and give and love and love and love, you can't realise God. And that's why giving and love are so important in my teaching. In giving we tend to hold back a little. But you can't hold back and realise God.

All I can do is reflect that state of consciousness to you. But you have to be able to receive it along with my words of truth which describe life, death, love and God. That's the master consciousness - originality. Not having to quote anyone. Not having to quote any tradition. Utter and complete originality, coming every moment from the being.'


Leaf said...
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Leaf said...

Hi from Ukraine again :)
Tell me, who is Barry Long? Sounds like a very interesting book :)

Doug McMillan said...

Hello Leaf,

How did you find me here on blogger, most people show no interest in my posts here apart from those I know . . . welcome stranger.
The post you read was written by Barry Long, but most of the posts are written by me. If you click on his name it will take you to his website, OK?
Keep in touch and let me know when you get your own blog up and running.

I love writing about self-knowledge and meditation. There is a link on the right of my blogger page which will take you to another site of mine about meditation.

By for now,

Leaf said...

Hello again,

we have an identical interests. That's why i found you.
Barry Long r not popular in Ukraine... I'll try to reach his books in english.
But I found one article in russian about men and women, his vision are interesting...

I have an offer to chat in real time in gmail or on ICQ (if u want).
It'll be better to my mind to change our visions.
I like writing about self-knowledge and meditation too :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug, Barry Long and Eckhart Tolle are very good, acceptable teachers from what I can see. What do you think about those teacher's who practice "crazy wisdom", like Adi Da or Osho? They were/are dangerous characters, by many people's definition. And what about the Illuminati (translation: the enlightened) who apparently control the world and are the cause of the wars on earth (if you believe the theorists). Are they enlightened? What is enlightenment?

Doug McMillan said...

Hello Anonymous, why not make contact and we can chat, I'll even consider all your interesting questions! I do answer the question 'what is enlightenment?' on this very blogsite, go find it, it's all here my Anonymous friend. Hey, why don't you do me a favour and give me your answer to that very question, tell me what you consider enlightenment to be.

IAmOnFire said...

It's me, anonymouse, aka: IAmOnFire.

I think Enlightenment is something to be avoided, among other things. To quote Adi Da, "I am not a 'utopian religionist'. I am not a 'role model' for the human mummery of mortal souls. I am not an ideal human 'I'".

Enlightenment appears to me to be dangerous, deadly, & death-defying. It's captured my interest and distraction forever, it seems.


Doug McMillan said...

So, You are on fire? What every moment? Hmmm . . .

What is more dangerous, living as a conditioned personality or as an unconditioned being? The conditioned personality hides behind all manner of ignorance, whereas the individual who removes all their false conditioning returns to the natural state of being, which is of course free of all conditioning. To be free of all conditioning is to be free of all problematic thinking and living. It is a liberated state, liberated from what? Liberated from a personality that hides behind its 'MASKS' of pretence!
If you have an 'opinion' about enlightenment, then it isn't enlightenment that you have an opinion about. Enlightenment is simply what remains when you are no longer controlled by all your attitudes, beliefs and opinions.
In other words when you are 'FREE' of all your conditioning, which is simply the past that you have gathered over time and now call 'yourself.' What would you be without all your condiioning, without your beliefs and opinions? You would be 'enlightened' my friend. Until such time as you remove all your conditioning you will be left with all your attitudes, beliefs and opinions and they are what is responsible for all the conflict in the world . . . but you already know this . .

Death-defying? Everything dies, you know that, you have never met a 200 year old have you, and you never will!? Are you speaking of immortality perhaps? There is no physical immortality. What is immortal is simply the being I am when I remove all that I am not. This the enlightened have done and the unenlightened have not done, therefore the unenlightened live in total ignorance of what real or true enlightenment is, but of course they still have their opinion . . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to know if you have links to any of Barry Long's books that i can read online.

Thank you.

Doug McMillan said...

Hello Anonymous, yes there are links on this site to the Barry Long website and his books are available both there and in my self-knowledge bookstore . . . . .

. . but, NO, I don't have links to his books so that they can be read online . . if that is what you're looking for? Go to my home page for a review of his book 'The Way In'.
All the best for now,

Anonymous said...

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