Friday, 10 October 2008

The Golden Thread of Truth

There is a Golden Thread of Truth that is central to all life but very few people of the earth have had the direct experience of this truth. Consequently we live in a man made world full of problems and suffering where the nearest most people get to the truth of what life is all about is by believing or not believing in some distant God that may or may not be real. The alternative appears to be to have faith in science and accept that there is nothing beyond your physical existence. This series of posts will take you step by step through the maze of your psyche and reveal to you the truth of life on earth. Your only responsibility is to have enough faith in your own life to participate fully, so fasten your seat belts because you are about to find out the answer to that age old question . . .

The truth is that everyone on the planet is conditioned. This condition in turn creates “dis-ease.” You, the reader of these words right now, are suffering from a condition and as a result you are not at ease. Now obviously I’m not speaking of a physical disease here, I’m talking about a psychological and emotional disorder that effects everyone on the planet.

Your CONDITION is so NORMAL that you wouldn’t think that it was a problem. It is “the normal condition of living in the world” and everyone on the planet, apart from a few enlightened individuals, is controlled by this condition including those who think this doesn’t apply to them!

This condition is insidious, being both subtle and treacherous in its activities, to such an extent that the great majority of the people on planet earth are totally unaware of its existence and therefore it appears to be both normal and natural.

It is a fact that this conditioning process is something we all go through and have the experience of. We can identify it in our own experience, as you will soon discover. It is normal and it was meant to happen to each of us, but there are several important questions we have to receive answers to before we can continue our exploration of the truth of life on earth:

·       What exactly is this condition that makes each of us ill at ease?

·       How did we become conditioned?

·       Is there any purpose to the existence of our conditioning and if so what?

·       Can we do anything to remove it if we choose to?


Let’s begin with our first question by asking "just what is a condition and how does it create this dis-ease within each of us?" A condition is something that is added to you. Anything that is added to you may be perceived to be normal, and you might even “think” it is natural, take unhappiness and problematic living as examples. Most people would consider unhappiness and having problems to solve as being quite natural in the great scheme of things. I will endeavor to show you why, although it is quite normal, it is not natural.

At this juncture I would just like to point out that in my experience the natural state of life on earth, and therefore your own life, is what is left behind when you remove the normal condition and unhappiness coupled to problematic living are aspects of that condition.

In following postings I will demonstrate all of your conditioning to you. You will be able to identify it in your own experience, proving that this is not theory or belief, it is demonstrably and inescapably real. In other words, after you read these posts, you will not be able to pretend that this is not real and deceive yourself that you are not conditioned.

Right now your task is to become aware of the normal conditioning that resides within yourself, which consists of unhappiness and problematic living, and through expanding your awareness of its presence, begin the process of removing it, thus returning to the natural state. The natural state you are returning to equates to freedom from unhappiness and problematic living: liberation.

Before you can remove your normal, but false conditioning, you must first be able to identify it in your own experience.  I am going to reveal to you, in detail, exactly what this condition consists of and also what “the natural state of life on earth” is. Then I’ll show you how you can work your way back through your conditioning and return to YOUR natural state. I’m going to do all of this within you as you work your way through this manual. In other words the truth will be revealed within you and as your own direct experience. This will take some time, it could be weeks, months or years depending on your individual life experience and your present point of self-realization.

You may need to go over this material many times before the full impact of what I’m saying breaks through the layers of conditioning within YOUR psyche/mind. The second time you read this material you will be amazed at just how much more you take in as you begin to get used to its particular language and the truth within you starts to resonate with what you are reading.

I will also guide you in the direction of other teachers whose work will continue what you’ve started here, confirming that you are heading in the correct direction, and continually expanding your self-knowledge along the way.

Please note that this is a D.I.Y. course. You have to do the work yourself. My task is to guide you along the way.


In my next post we will explore . . . . .

"The Normal Condition of Living in the World" . .

 . . . and remember:

"We are what we think
All that we are
  arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.

Speak or act with a pure mind
  and happiness will follow you
     as your shadow,

The Dhammapada
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