Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Truth Of Life

What is the Truth about Life . . .

The truth regarding what aspect of life exactly? Are we looking at the truth of life on earth in its totality? Are we considering the truth of human life; why am I here, why am I alive? etc. or are we looking at what you "think" is the truth based on your particular view point, based on what you have been "programmed" to believe is the truth?

Everyone has been programmed by their experiences of living to believe in their own program and so we live in a world where there is constant conflict because everyone is running different mental/emotional programs. Some differ slightly and some greatly. Some work together because they have very similar programs and others, being programs from the opposite polarity, are in disagreement. The greater the difference, and therefore distance between us, the greater the conflict.

The question I have to ask you is "Can you see the TRUTH in what you have just read?" Does any of this resonate within you as something that you need to take a closer look at and address in your life? Are you living in a robotic way, are all your attitudes, beliefs and opinions simply a form of mental and emotional programming of your mind that has lead you to be attached to what has been proffered to you as the truth? At this point it would be a good idea to go back to the beginning and just read this again so that you grasp the enormity of what you have just read and let it sink in . . . . .

In my experience what I have written here is the truth and the reason I can say that is because I have put in many years of self-observation and self-realization, which has lead to an expansion of consciousness and self-awareness. A shift in perception has taken place. This process has dissolved the normal conditioned programming of my mind and replaced it with the original and natural state of Being. This state is the freshness and newness of present moment awareness, It is a state of pure and clear perception or intelligence that is free from all past conditioning.

So, in my experience, the Truth is that everyone on planet earth has been programmed to believe in, and have opinions about, something . . . anything and everything, and it is because of our programming that we live in a world of conflict where very few people actually know this Truth. Everyone is living through their programming and most have not realized that there is a greater Reality and Integrity hidden below the surface of themselves. Therefore everyone is living on the surface of themselves, very few know what is going on below the surface!

Removing all problems from the world that man has created on the surface of this blessed earth would take a greater miracle. That would require all, or enough, men and women to be at a point of evolving consciousness where there was a shift in the consciousness of the planet . . . and that time has not yet arrived.

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