Thursday, 11 February 2010

tony parsons exposing the myth

This is the end of 'me'. 'I' am no more. Now being stands alone . . . . . thank you Tony :-)


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the journey. You came when you needed to. I now know this blog name means shit-all.

Posting on this video because there is only seeing now, there is no I. That's the gateless gate isn't it. the gate was never there, it was imagined. Everything else is real except me. All is just experiencing, but no experiencer.

There is no I to begin with, the thought of it is, but there is no I. Nough said.

Now all thats left is a Zen Kitty with big ass teeth to demolish the lie.

Doug '1Yogi2Many' McMillan said...

Well now...look who it isn't. Long time no chat liberatedself...

...I live in a town with the initials BS..Bishops Stortford...

... most apt, right(no question mark required). I noticed that you made statements, no ?mark about it, ha, ha.

Ah, the fact is, I never came along, there was/is no journey and everything is exactly what you acknowledge it to be...... ;-)