Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Health Issues. Where do they fit in with Self-knowledge?

Tim asked a very interesting question on this blog recently with regard to health issues and self-knowledge:

"I have a question..... drum roll... how are common colds, coughs & minor yet annoyingly persistent illnesses associated with the negativity cultivated by the conditioned mind? Would it be idle speculation to draw a connection to a recent bout of 'observing' and the contraction of an upper respiratory infection (which is on its way out, at this time of ... *cough* *cough* ... where's the garlic pills?

Here is my reply:

Hi Tim, nice to have you join us and thanks for your recent comments. Right, you want an answer to a question that so many people have asked throughout time, help! My answer is simply a pointer to the solution, OK? “What YOU acknowledge is what you get in life.”
You want more right? Hmm, well I could expand but really you need to look within yourself, as you’re already doing . . I think you already have the answer within you, don’t you? It was said long ago that we become what we think about. Is that true in your experience Tim? A great man once said “As a man thinketh so is he” or some such . . So, are you responsible for all the good things in your life or not? When everything is going well don’t you want to take the credit . . And when things are not flowing so well and we have a cold because maybe (just maybe, perhaps) we have been lacking in integrity and/or honesty . . Is that a possibility? I’m not asking anyone to believe me here you know Tim, I wouldn’t want anyone to be so foolish, right . . I’m just asking the questions.

I used to be consistently ill and it was because I was NOT being true to life. I wasn't integrated whole and complete. The fact is I have very few colds and virus infections in my life now and I don’t accept that ‘germs’ are responsible for me getting them. I’m free of a believe system! If I did get a cold now I would be taking a very close look at my life to see in which area I wasn't being true, so that I could rectify it!! You want to know more? Anyway Tim, in my experience (not my belief), what you or I acknowledge is what we as individuals will manifest as our life experience. I could be wrong but I can explain the why and the how behind this great movement of life. Are you interested in asking the next question?

Now people, the next question is fairly obvious don't you think? If 'What I acknowledge is what I get in my life', then what makes this possible? The Why and How have to be explored . . . Yes?

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