Sunday, 31 August 2008

Enlightenment Q & A . . . Day One.

Questions and Answers.

Q. What is enlightenment?

“Enlightenment is a state of perception beyond the thinking mind, and it is free of all psychological and emotional unhappiness. It is a completely non-problematic state of being beyond the thinking mind.”

Many people think that enlightenment is a very distant and mysterious or even mystical subject, but in my experience it is a very practical state of being. It is a mystical state in the sense that it is beyond the normal level of everyday experience, but it is not unattainable. Why do I say that it is not unattainable? Because many people have had, and are having, the direct experience of this state in their everyday lives right now. Also, I speak from experience on the subject of enlightenment, even if I have my limitations, like not being able to walk on water or heal the sick . . and not being seemingly perfect to the normal conditioned mind, which is itself imperfect! I am however free of unhappiness, which means that I don't hold onto the last moment and turn it into an excuse for me to be unhappy now. I do live in a state of pure and clear perception in which there are no more psychological and emotional problems being created in my life. I let go of yesterday and the last moment and live in this moment, the here and now, free of conditioning or problematic living. And I can tell you first hand, its a good place to be.

I am going to give you feedback from where I am, this place within each of us that is still and peaceful and yet simultaneously full of joy.

Enlightenment is a joyful and clear state of pure perception containing within it direct knowledge about life’s purpose and meaning, and as such it is a state of being which is free of fear, doubt and worry.

But is knowing the answer the same as being the answer? An interesting twist on the subject has arisen with this question.

Q. Is knowing what enlightenment is the same as being in the enlightened state?

Enlightenment is not a theory, it is a state of being, therefore one has to have the direct experience of the state before one can know it. Does that make sense? To me it makes complete sense because I have spent many years breaking down the psychological and emotional conditioning within the thinking mind. To another it may simply sound confusing, especially if they have never experienced a state of being beyond thought.

I had better expand on that.

Q. What is a state of being beyond thought?

It is a state that is centered in stillness. When the thinking mind it perfectly still, then, and only then, is a new state of 'being' realized.

You have to understand that the thinking mind is never still for long. It is always on the move. Thought is movement in the mind. When the mind is still there is no thought.

One has to have the realization, which is a direct experience, of a still mind before one can know what the still mind knows. Up to that point all that anyone has is an opinion born of a mind that has not been stilled!

Tomorrow and on a daily basis we will continue this Q&A process and discover where it takes us . . .

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