Monday, 1 September 2008

Enlightenment Q&A Day Two

Yesterday we looked at enlightenment and discovered that the enlightened mind is in a pure and clear state of perception . . . and we also found that stillness and/or peace of mind was the starting point. The enemy of stillness can be perceived to be 'thought' because thinking is movement in the mind, and this movement in the mind is governed by what the thinking mind knows, but what does the thinking mind really know?

Q. What does a mind that has not been stilled know?

It knows its own conditioned thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and opinions.
What else could it know? It can only know what it thinks it is or thinks it knows. To know what it actually is would require it to be in a fully awake, intelligent state of perception, which means it would need to let go of the past.

Q. What is the 'past' within the mind that has not been stilled?

The past within the mind that has not been stilled is its conditioning, which equates to all its thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, opinions and existential attachments. Meaning everything that has been tagged onto an individuals mind since it entered existence at birth.

The conditioned mind is a thinking mind, and as such it is a mind that creates its own unhappiness, but only the mind that has been completely stilled is aware of this fact. The thinking mind very often would argue against what I’ve just written, well why wouldn’t it, it doesn’t want to be found out to be the phony that it is, does it?

Q. Why do I say that the thinking mind is a phony?

The thinking mind, which is tied to the personality as one entity, is living under the 'pretence' that it is you. In fact you probably think that you are all those thoughts and emotions that you experience everyday of your life, don’t you? It would be crazy for anyone to suggest otherwise, wouldn’t it? But did you know that the past in you is all those thoughts and emotions that you experience everyday of your life. They repeat themselves in your mind as a constant stream of discursive thinking. In other words thought and emotion is the past repeating itself within your mind. It is a repetition of past experience, it is never fresh and new like the still mind is.

The enlightened mind, having separated from thought and emotion, is free of the past [which is the last moment] as a burden. It always lets go of the last moment, always. This moment, the now, is always fresh and new for the enlightened mind because it does not carry the events of the last moment into it. The meditative process has already removed the past conditioning from the mind/psyche of the enlightened individuals mind and therefore each moment is now fresh and new. Each moment is free of problems, each moment is free of psychological and emotional unhappiness and each moment is perceived to be perfect as it is, regardless of another's point of view.

The enlightened mind does not react into the world through thought and emotion, therefore it does not inflict unhappiness on the people around it.

The enlightened individual responds from a place of truth-reality-integrity beyond the thinking mind, which is a joyful and loving state of being. This state of truth, reality and integrity is the creator of harmony in the world. The 'unhappy' individual 'reacts' from thought and emotion, therefore they inflict unhappiness onto others. There is no place for that level of ignorance in the enlightened man or womans mind or life.

In my next post we will be looking at the relationship between consciousness and the enlightened state of being.

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