Monday, 15 September 2008

The Natural State.

‘Wisdom or truth is the original and natural state of intelligence.’

                                                                                                   Barry Long.

'The pristine state of being, the original state, is one of pure intelligence.
Pure intelligence is the intelligence of consciousness.
It is a state  that is ‘free’ of all conditioned suffering or unhappiness.
This state is centered in stillness or inner peace.
Wisdom or truth, naturally unfolds out of this intelligent state of consciousness, stillness and inner peace.
What prevents wisdom and truth from naturally unfolding out of the intelligent state of consciousness? It is the conditioned mind that creates a blockage in the system and prevents the natural flow of consciousness/intelligence.
How can you identify the conditioned mind, what is it? It is an accumulation of all your likes and dislikes, imagined rights and wrongs and what you think of as good or bad.'

                                                                                                       Doug McMillan.

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