Sunday, 7 September 2008

Enlightenment Q & A: Day Seven . . begin with Meditation.

Q. Why begin with Meditation?

Meditation to Realization.

Meditation awakens Intelligence. Not the intelligence of the so called intellectual, which is really only a form of cleverness, but the intelligence of being.

After the awakening of intelligence, through continues practice of meditation, your intelligence begins to speed up. It becomes swifter. At this stage you will begin to have realizations and the more you practice meditation the more realizations you will have as your intelligence becomes swifter and swifter. Eventually, or in time, this leads to the realization of the highest Truths available to each of us. What you realize will amaze you . . and I'll be discussing some landmark realizations in the future on this site.

Now, because everyone is equal in the integrated state of being, Truth is available to each of us. However, all are not equal are they? Some do not Meditate and never experience the speeding up of intelligence, or enter another state of being, one that is free of problematic thinking/living. In other words not everyone experiences a more enlightened way of being and living. But still, all are equal in that all can, if they are ready and willing, begin to meditate and experience the speeding up of their intelligence.

Obviously only those who put in the work (which is learning to meditate and putting it into practice on a daily basis) will get the required results, I trust you understand me? It won't happen on its own will it, we do agree on that, yes? So at some stage you have to begin to meditate. Of course you may already be involved in some form of meditation, and there are many forms available to you, but sooner or later you will need to discover the correct form of meditation for the awakening and speeding up of intelligence.

The best book that I have ever read on the subject, and I've read very many over the years, is 'Meditation A Foundation Course' by Barry Long. I highly recommend it to you and it is available in my amazon bookstore . . just click on the links to it on this page. It can be difficult to get hold of in some bookstores although not impossible to order. Please note, this is a book which will guide you into a correct form of meditation for those seeking a more enlightened life. You should also consider his tape 'Start Meditating Now', which will verbally guide you into the depths of your being. The book and tape work very well together, and I recommend them to all, they are an eye opener for the experienced practitioner of meditation and a great introduction for the beginner.

Q. What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process. It has a beginning and eventually, over a period of what is normally years, it reaches an end. It takes you from where you are now into the awakening of intelligence, then into deeper and deeper levels of your
being, before reaching a totally integrated state of being where formal meditation is no longer required. It is no longer required because you are now whole and complete. In other words the job is done and you are now in a state of pure and clear perception. Your mind is now in a place of alert stillness and present moment awareness, and you're no longer disturbed by discursive thinking and emotive reactions. At this stage you are the realization of Truth itself. You begin to see the truth of everything with great clarity of perception . . although you may choose not to voice it to another! There are those who would simply trample all over your pearls . . .

. . . but you reach a point where that is of no consequence, it is not even a consideration, it is a difficult task to knock down a house that has been  built on foundations of Truth.

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