Friday, 19 September 2008

The Horns of the Devil!

‘Intelligence is corrupted by likes and dislikes. The result is the problematical human condition.’

                                                                                                        Barry Long.

'The conditioned mind is controlled by what it likes and what it does not like, what it believes in and does not believe in . . what it considers to be good and what it considers to be bad.

In other words it is governed by ‘polarities’, or opposites (opposite positions).

Right and wrong are opposite positions taken by the conditioned mind as are good and bad and what you attach yourself to as your likes and dislikes.

These conditioned polarities stick out of your consciousness like the horns of the devil. Like two mountain peaks of personal ignorance that control your life until such time as you do something about it.

What do you have to do? You have to become aware of all your conditioned ignorance and in the process of becoming aware or conscious of it, so it will dissipate, dissolve and leave you.'

                                                                                                               Doug McMillan.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I've recently been focusing on the space around me, and it feels like nothing at all. Thanks for your post.

Doug McMillan said...

That is right my friend, both inner and outer space are 'nothing', the 'nothingness' out of which everything in existence manifests. The deeper one drops down into the 'nothing that is everything', the greater your sense of 'Presence' becomes. Presence as what? Presence as Authentic Being, which is being free of discursive thought and emotion. This is a place of deep peacefulness, love, joy and beauty. All 'Truth' is realized here. Why? Because this is the place of your 'reality', and it is a greater 'integrity' than most experience in their lifetime. Well done . . and thank you for your comment.