Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Enlightenment Q & A: Day Three.

Q. If I say, and I do, that the only way anyone can know what enlightenment is, is to still the thinking mind, would that create a barrier for you, the reader?

Here we go again. Is enlightenment a theory? No, it is the most practical of all states and it requires one to enter it! There is no other way for anyone to enter the enlightened state of being, as that great man Barry Long used to say “Stillness is the Way”, there is no other.

If you don’t take practical action, by bringing stillness to the thinking mind, then for you enlightenment will remain a subject of conjecture. Something to have a chat about with friends, or argue about, and have beliefs and opinions about . . as the thinking mind tends to do. That is the world of  thought and theory, it is not a place of truth.

Q. Is there a greater Truth-Reality-Integrity than the thinking mind is aware of?

It is my experience that when the thinking mind becomes still it enters a state of being beyond its normal level of experience and that is the beginning of what I call the enlightened state. I say the beginning because there are many levels of being within the consciousness of wo/man, and the stilling of thought is only the first step in an ongoing process of self-realization.

In entering this still state of being  one becomes aware of  the difference between who you thought you were, the personality, and who or what you really are, the individual consciousness and intelligence behind it all.

What you are, your intelligent state of being/consciousness, is a greater truth, reality and integrity than the person you think you are.

The only way that you can discover what you are is by separating from what you think you are.

If that sounds confusing to you then why not read it again and again until you get the idea. Let me put it this way:

What you ‘think’ you are is not the same as what you ‘really’ are.

What you ‘really’ are is far superior to what you ’think’ you are.

When you separate what you ‘really’ are from what you presently ‘think’ you are, you realize that what you are is this greater truth, reality and integrity.

This greater truth, reality and integrated state, is your very being. 

The only way to discover who or what you really are is to go through a process of self-discovery, which requires you to become an observer of your self . You do this on a moment to moment and daily basis. I’m speaking of  an expanding state of self-awareness now, an expansion of consciousness and an awakening of intelligence.

It is your intelligent state of consciousness which awakens and observes all that is unintelligent within your mind/psyche. It then separates from the condition completely to stand alone as your greater state of truth-reality-integrity.

Q. Who or what are you?

You are consciousness, which is an intelligent state of being beyond the experience of the thinking mind. Contained within consciousness is your natural state of Joy, Love and direct knowledge of the Truth of life on earth.

This, the so called enlightened know to be the truth, but the unenlightened know nothing about. Those who are not in the enlightened state are lost in the normal condition that mankind presently finds itself in. The enlightened are actually in the natural state. The normal condition is a barrier, which stands in the way of you experiencing the natural state.

The majority of people on earth are lost in their normal conditioning, which is fluctuating between opposite polarities of the mind and personality, so they are never happy for long. Only those who enlighten their minds, by freeing it of the ignorance of its conditioning, live in the natural state of being . . One which is free of all unhappiness.

‘Only the individual who enlightens his or her mind, by liberating it from the ignorance of its conditioning, lives in the natural state of being and is therefore free of problematic living and unhappiness.’

In my next post we will be taking a closer look at the self-realization process.

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